It’s Friday, High Five!

cojines-estampados-geometricosPhoto via Alison Damonte

Yesterday was a big day, my first day at the new job. I kept the details hushed when I first told you that I was going back to work but now that I’m through all the hiring process I’m free to share. I also wanted to share because it may be something that could be beneficial to you if you have a kitchen or bath remodel coming up. First, let me start by saying my new job is with Lowe’s Home Improvement one of the happiest places on earth for me. I know, some people like Home Depot but I am a Lowe’s girl thru and thru. For all the hours I have spent in Lowe’s I should have been working for them long ago. That being said, starting next month Lowe’s will be offering a new service. For kitchen and bath (and I guess any other interior) remodels that encompass three or more department and use the Lowe’s contractors for installation, customers will be provided free of charge an interiors specialist to guide them through the decisions, planning and management of their projects. At our Lowe’s that is me! I have been so excited to start this job because I feel like it is the perfect use of my talent and experience and because I have been so impressed with the Lowe’s team and the family atmosphere they promote with their employees.  So hee we go…High-five to that and wish me luck!

Here are a few more high-fives for the week…


1.When clients wanted a sparse, white backdrop for their expansive art collection, as well as an authentic design response to their mid-century home Alison Damonte delivered. I love the vibrant colors in this home and the sleek yet cozy feel  Alison manages to create in all of her work, check out her portfolio and you’ll see what I mean.

2. Just a bunch of funny Tweets about HGTV shows. If you get all of these you may be an HGTV addict like me!

3. How fun are these fretwork finials from Taylor Burke Interior? I love all the colors, too bad you only need one per lamp.

4. Totally out of my price range but this Quincy Sputnik Pendant from Horchow is totally fabulous!

5. I have been following Australian artist Liz Payne on Instagram for a while now and am always so amazed by her textile art. You can see her portfolio at her website or stop by her Esty shop to place an order for a custom piece of your own.

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  1. Maggie, I am so delighted to read this! The job seems to be a really great fit for you, and how great is it to be working for a company you love anyway?! 😀 I bet you’ll have a great time and you’ll do a great job for Lowe’s and the people you help!

  2. This is great Maggie!!! They are lucky to have you! You are in your element and I am so happy for you. Love you, Aunt J.

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