Vintage Wicker Gets a Makeover


My screen porch update has moved to first priority now that the weather is cooling off and I might actually want to hang out there. I recently shared some ideas I’ve been dreaming up about the orange and blue color scheme but recently a new addition has changed the plans slightly.


A few weeks back I ran across this vintage wicker sofa at a consignment shop. It looked to be about 100 years old (with a 100 years worth of paint) but it had a sturdy hardwood frame and brand new black upholstery. When I first saw it, it was priced at $175, not an insane price. But you guys know I’m a budget shopper and I didn’t technically “need” it so I passed and didn’t think too much more about it. A few weeks later I decided to go back to the shop on the last day of the sale to see if there were any deals and this guy was still there, only now it was $75. Cheap enough for me to reconsider. I decided to offer $50 since it was the last day and they accepted. Now I had my work cut out for me.


Here is what 100 years of paint looks like. Fortunately, it was so thick it easily chipped right off.


After lots of scraping, chipping and maybe just a little bit of lead poisoning I was able to get almost all of the old paint removed.

PicMonkey Collage

Now it was ready for new paint. First I used Zinsser Peel Stop Primer (affiliate) to seal the surface and any remaining paint chips.


Then a few coats of  Valspar® Project Perfect Spray paint in Secluded Garden. Now I have the perfect spot for my Bohemian Rug Sample Pillows.


While I was at it I decided to give my rattan coffee table a new coat of paint as well.


Looking pretty snazzy together I’d say!


With the new furniture moved in the hunt for a rug is on! This is where I’m thinking a change may be needed. The blue rugs are probably out of the running now that I’ve painted the wicker blue and I’m also reconsidering the orange now that the black cushions have come in. My new thoughts are something natural or even black and white. Have a look at some of the new options.

These rug options include affiliate links.


Plans are always changing when a bargain arrives. Hoping a bargain rug shows up as well…What do you think?



  1. Lools great! Driving a hard bargain does pay off 😉
    Love the colour choice too!

    • Thanks, The colors for spray paint are limited but I got lucky on this one and found just the right shade. It actually looks like the original color was a green/blue not too far from this.

  2. Oh all that stripping was certainly worth it. Looks so good now.

  3. cassie8978 says:

    HOLY MOLY, maggie! you are brave and patient and amazing! and it was all worth it.

    • Cassie I have been chipping away for weeks. Every time I’d go to the garage I’d chip a little away until it was ready for paint.

  4. Brenda says:

    I didn’t even know that Peel Stop was a thing. Good to know, thank you! Your results are fabulous.

  5. Completely in love with that sofa, and it looks like it and the coffee table were made for each other now! BTW, best line ever… After lots of scraping, chipping and maybe just a little bit of lead poisoning… HA!

    • Haha, well it’s probably true along with asbestos, black mold,and whatever else hangs out in all the old crusty stuff I feel the need to bring back to life. I did try to resist eating any of the paint chips so I think I will be okay 😉

  6. I like the middle rug! You are one talented chick when it comes to being thrifty! I love the new look of the rattan/wicker set.

  7. Stephanie @ Casa Watkins Living says:

    Gorgeous!!! Love the new look and Im a big fan of rattan!!!

  8. Love that color! And while I don’t envy you the chipping and sanding, I’d love to have that patio setup once the weather drops below 95!

    • It’s getting there soon I hope. Our back yard around the porch is very shady and we have a fan so it stays relatively cool on the porch even when it is hot.

  9. Looking at the brand new upholstery in the chair, I wonder if the white paint wasn’t purposely “distressed” instead of 100years old 🙂 Regardless… great job!

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