It’s Friday, High Five!

e5d58465e3a40a730063ef274f026bddPhoto via The Dwell Hotel

Hey guys, Who has big plans for the Labor Day weekend? Here in South Carolina we are planning for rain, and lots of it from what I understand. Hopefully not as much as we got last fall. I think because of last year’s flooding everyone is being extra cautious. The schools are closed for today and with the holiday already scheduled for Monday that will give us an extra long weekend. I want to give our school a big high-five for emailing us about the closure last night instead of this morning after I had already gotten up at the crack of dawn. So this morning I got a little extra sleep and am planning a lazy rain day for cuddling on the sofa and watching some movies. Stress-free… High-five to that!

Here are a few more high five’s for the week.


1.Okay, I have to plan a trip to Chattanooga, TN immediately. Have you guys seen the newly resigned The Dwell Hotel? The hotel originally opened in 1909 but the redesign is totally 1950’s or what the hotel calls “retro re-imagined.” The coolest part is the furnishings are all authentic pieces scored on eBay, Craigslist and estate sales. OMG an entire #ThriftScoreThursday hotel… Look at these rooms! Who wants to be my roommate?

2. And for the next trip… How about the Lunch Box Museum in Columbus, Ga? The is stuffed with 3,500 metal lunch boxes and their matching thermoses and may or may not smell like an old bananas, but I’m game!

3. Do you guys follow Vintage Revivals? If you do you are probably familiar with her travel trailer makeover that she dubbed “The Nugget” well even cuter than the original Nugget is the miniature version reader Emily E. Nagy created which is only 5″ tall. Reminds me I need to get to work on my Winnebago!

4. As someone who loves geometry and color I can’t get over this Diane von Furstenberg romper featured in Harper’s Bazaar Street Style, now if I could just get it to look like that on me…

5. I ran across the West Virginia-based artist BrettKernArt on Etsy. Check out his ingenious inflatable toy dinosaur sculptures which look like the real deal but are actually glazed ceramics.


Have a great weekend and stay dry,



  1. I’d love to be your roommate at that hotel! What glorious rooms!

    We’re hunkering down as well. Not really expecting to evacuate but prepping in case it floods and in case trees fall down, blocking the roads or knocks out power. I think I joked to someone who lived in downtown Charleston to have a kayak on standby. Hope you stay dry! If we have to evcuate, maybe we’ll go to The Dwell Hotel . 😉

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