DIY Bohemian Rug Sample Pillow


Hello guys, today a have a quick easy DIY for you that you may not have considered before. I was recently shopping at West Elm when I ran across a huge pile of rug sample squares in their clearance area. There were so many great flat weave samples with great color and texture that I was dying to come up with something to do with them.


I mean at only $4.99 a square, I could hardly pass them up. (FYI: If you love this pattern the full-size rug is on clearance)


I got excited I ran across this one with a great shag pattern.


I it thought would work well with the fabric I was already considering for my bohemian screen porch update and even the back side of the sample was cool.zipper-back-rug-sample-pillow-diy-decor- fabric-sample

So I came up with the idea to turn these samples into a quick easy pillow by making a back panel with a zipper cut about an inch larger than my sample. If you’re not that advanced a sewer an envelope back would work just as well.


Iron under the raw edges to fit just inside the edges of your sample. Do this directly over the sample because they tend to be irregular and even slightly different sizes from one to another.


Pin your back wrong sides together to your sample and sew all the way around the edge. The rug samples are thick so it’s not going to be the prettiest seam since the needle will jump around a bit ut hopefully no one will be inspecting the back of your pillows.

zipper-back-rug-sample-pillow-diy-decor- fabric

Now insert your pillow form and you’re done.


Gorgeous shag bohemian pillows for about $10 a piece.


Now I need to get to work on the rest of the space!



  1. What a fantastic idea. SO so pretty

  2. maggie, i love this idea!!!! they look awesome!

  3. A brilliant idea and they are so pretty!

  4. I can’t believe how good of a find these were! Wanna make me some?

  5. Oh my gosh, you are SO BRILLIANT! These are amazing!

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