It’s Friday, High Five!

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It’s Friday guys and I know I’m a little late in posting today but I had an important appointment today that I was hoping would be good news I could share. For the past month, I have been interviewing for a full-time position doing project management for interior remodels with a company I have loved for a very long time. When I first spotted the position I wasn’t even looking to go back to work full time but the job was so perfect and the timing so right I decided to apply.

Well guys, today I got the nod. In just over a week I’m going back to work. This will be big a change for our family since I have been working mostly for myself and setting my own schedule since the kids were born. I have always been the flexible one that worked around everyone else’s needs but this year with my oldest driving and my husband eligible to retire from the military I felt it was the perfect time to do something different. I admit, the change is a little scary. We’ll all have to make adjustments, the kids will have to learn to pitch in a little more and I’ll have to get used to my time not being completely my own but I’m very excited. Fortunately, my husband is super supportive and since he is always my biggest cheerleader he is more than willing to make this work, so here goes. High-Five to the next big chapter!

Here are a few more high-fives for the week…


1. Has anyone been shopping the new limited edition  VIKTIGT collection from Ikea, I’m thinking it might be time to take a drive and grab some of these goodies for myself before it’s too late.

2. If you are a fan of Bravo’s Flipping Out with Jeff Lewis you’ll be excited to know I have tracked down his daily meditation F*ck That: An Honest Meditation. If you are easily offended don’t bother clicking over but I’m pretty sure if you are a Jeff Lewis fan you are not easily offended.

3. I love a great gallery wall and this Apartment Therapy article shares a whole collection of gallery walls in all sorts of arrangements.

4. This cassette coffee table by Taybles has me feeling a little vintage, but that’s okay because I love vintage!

5. Check out Archi-Depot a warehouse museum dedicated to the storage and display of Japanese architectural models, this unique museum that is not only designed to exhibit architectural  has a function to preserve them.


Have a great weekend, and don’t forget to meditate!



  1. Oh Maggie, that’s so great! Congratulations! There’s nothing like starting something you’re excited about. I wish you lots of happiness and success in your new job! <3

  2. Congratulations on your new job! Hope all goes well.

  3. Good for you Maggie! Happy you got it!!

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