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It’s time again for the monthly Inspired by DIY Challenge organized by my good friend Jess of Domicile 37. Each month an amazing group of bloggers gets together to create some inspired DIY.  We each find a piece from a store or designer that we find inspiring and create our own version, DIY style. This month’s inspiration is the always hip Jonathan Adler. I chose to DIY the 1948° Five-Piece Dinner Set  which goes for $148 per place setting. My version will come in at a fraction of the cost and in just three easy steps.


Supplies Needed: (this list contains affiliate links)

I started with these clear glass salad and dinner plates I bought in store at Walmart. They cost $1 for a salad plate and $1.50 for a dinner plate.


Begin by cleaning any smudges or oils off the plates and then lay them face down on a drop cloth. By laying them face down the paint will only be on the back side of the plate so that the eating surface is clean.


Then spray our gold paint into the cap until you see it as a liquid paint inside the cap. (You could probably use other types of gold paint for this step but I like the thin layer spray paint leaves.)


As soon as the liquid appear sling the contents of the cap at the plates to create a splatter effect. You don’t need a ton of paint for this step so start with a small amount and see how it goes. If you’d like, you can practice your splatter technique on a sheet of paper before moving to the plates.  I did one strip of splatter across the salad plates and an all-over splatter pattern for the dinner plates. Don’t sweat this part too much, if you don’t like the pattern or have drips you don’t like you can use the paint thinner to wipe the plates clean and try again.


Allow the gold splatter to dry and then give the back sides of the plates an all-over coat of white spray paint until you can no longer see the gold spatter.


The last step is to flip the plates over and clean off any paint that may have gotten on the front side with paint thinner and a paper towel.


That’s it! Now you’re ready for a Jonathan Adler worthy dinner party.


And if you decide later you want a new look remove the old paint with paint thinner and try again.  FIY: I ran one of these plates through the dishwasher as a test and it came out with a few bubbles so handwash only until you’re ready for a change.


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  1. these look awesome, maggie! so dramatic and fun!

  2. OH! I love how you did this from underneath!
    I would have never thought to do that and probably just sealed it with mod podge hahaha Love these! They’d look great with my Vinyl Otomi Chargers and marbled side plates 😉

    • I like the way you think! Mix it up! I actually did some plates way back in high school using the mod podge from underneath so I figured it would work just as well with paint.

  3. Maggie, this is freakin’ awesome. I was wondering how on earth you were going to make these and still have them be food safe. I need to get me some of that gold paint. It looks AMAZING. Can you imagine mixing metallics for a unique look? Swoon. Great tutorial!

  4. Excellent job! I’m loving these re-makes

  5. Absolutely LOVE the plates! I’m a huge JA fan

  6. Maggie!!! Absolutely gorgeous! Now where you recommend me getting a gold spray paint? PX? OBI? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Wow, I love those plates!

    • I’m pretty sure the PX does not have gold but OBI might (Arrgh but the German spray paint is so expensive.) If you are only doing a small amount like for this you might try a model shop like the toy store in the Ansbach altstadt who would probably have small cans.

  7. Maggie, this is just amazing!

  8. Those turned out stunning Maggie!! They look so expensive.

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