Bohemian Screen Porch in Orange and Blue

bohemian-sunroon-outdoor- plants-screen-porch -blue-orangeI shared a little of the collection I have started for my screen porch update during last week’s  #ThriftScoreThursday so today I thought I’d share a little about where I think I might be headed with this makeover. I’m sure some of you may be wondering why I’ve waited until the end of the summer to get this project underway but here in South Carolina where the summers are super hot the fall and into winter is actually a pleasant time to use the screened in porch so with some time before any cooler weather arrives I thought we would get this room ready for fall cookouts and coffee on the porch. First, let me show you what I have to work with…


We have a fully enclosed screen porch addition on the back out house that measures approximately 14′ wide by 11′ deep.


The room is screened on three sides and has a vaulted ceiling with lighting and a ceiling fan. On the opposite wall is the back side of our fireplace with an alcove on either side.


My inspiration for this room started with this Sundance Throw in Pillow Tangerine (affiliate.) I bought some of the fabric over a year ago with no idea what I wanted to do with it but when I ran across some clearance seat cushions that matched it perfectly I knew it would work great for this space.


Here is a shot of the pillow in my existing resin wicker chairs (affiliate link), along with my growing collection of thrifted rattan.

bohemian-sunroon-outdoor- plants-screen-porch

I’m making progress but I think my biggest step in bringing all these pieces together will be choosing a rug. Now I have to decide between my two favorite options, orange


These rug options include affiliate links.


or blue?trellis-rug-blue-sunroon-outdoor-porch

These rug options include affiliate links.


What do you think? Do you have a favorite? I feel like this is the decision that is going to bring it all together so I am a little torn…




  1. Blue!! I feel the orange rug would be a bit too matchy-matchy, and too boring for your plant-and-wicker extravaganza. The blue rugs would tie in beautifully with the Sundance fabric (especially no. 1, my fave!) and both colours together sort of bounce off each other and make each other more beautiful.

    • I’m leaning toward the blue too, only because the floor is painted that brick read. My son voted for orange… Maybe I should poll the rest of the family ?

  2. Martha Anne says:

    The blue is much more peaceful and adds serenity to the room. The plants enhance that mood and make this a wonderful place to read or have a glass of iced tea in the afternoon. Enjoy!

  3. If you put the pillow on the floor, what color looks better: the orange or blue?
    I would lean towards the blue also, especially with that floor. Having the orange rug might be too much orange in the room? The blue rug and orange accessories would be very complementary!
    Blue Rug #3 matches your pillow pattern but Blue Rug #1 matches the wicker & rattan pieces. Hm!

  4. I love these colours for this space. They’re true to you, but also take into consideration the space they’re in. Love it 🙂

  5. Debbie says:

    Has to be blue!

  6. I saw blue, but…I love blue, can’t help myself =)

    • My son (he’s 11) reported to me that the majority of people state blue to be their favorite color. I’m not sure where he got this information but it looks like here that seems to be true.

  7. Gretchen@BoxyColonial says:

    I’m going to vote blue, too. But, then, I pretty much always vote blue ;). I know what you mean about waiting until fall….I have a million outside projects I want to get to, but I can’t even think about them until the temperature gets below 90!

  8. I’m feelin’ the orange. I’ve heard lots about blue – apparently blue makes people buy. Hello Wal-mart. I saw an Etsy webinar where they said to offer every item in blue. Pretty interesting. Orange.

    • I am a huge fan of orange these days so I hear yah, but if I’m looking to sell my house I should switch to blue!!!

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