It’s Friday, High Five!

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Hey guys, it’s Friday!!! This week I have had the whole week to myself, no kids, no hubby, just living the life of leisure. I admit I miss those guys but it has been kind of nice to just be lazy and not responsible for anyone. The problem is the lazier I am, the lazier I want to be. I mean yesterday I watched 4 episodes of “Little House on the Prarie” surely that’s not normal! Oh well, I’m not going to feel too bad about it because we could all use a break now and then and besides I have to rest up for my trip to the Haven Conference next week. High-five to that!

Here are a few more high-five’s for the week…


1.They say everyone looks good in pink so what better place to add a little pink than in the bathroom. Check out this perfect pink bathroom before and after of Jill Hamilton’s bathroom on a budget of just $5,000.

2. Has anyone checked out the new Ikea 2017 Catalog? Looks like some great stuff on the way!

3. Needlework and lighting, my two favorite things so I think this Majorcan Garden Shade from Anthropologie is just about perfect!

4. Don’t have space for a full wallpaper mural? How about just one tree? These Croatian Tree Fabric Stickers by Sian Zeng are so sweet and might be just the solution for a small space.

5. If you are like me and love when things perfectly fit or perfectly match you are going to love this little book, Tiny PANTONE Objects By Inka Mathew.  Mathew’s has been photographing miniature objects that perfectly match the hues of the PANTONE rainbow and has put them together as a book. So satisfying!

Have a great weekend,







  1. I love the tree fabric sticker and have to show it to my brother here in Germany. It would be perfect for their house.

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