It’s Friday, High Five!

13741429_307904779548490_278181449_nPhoto via Pis Saro

I know I’m posting a little late today but guys I’m on vacation! No, I’m not sitting on the beach or touring France but I’m on the best vacation ever! A Mom vacation… The kids are at the grandparents for two whole weeks, the house is quite, their rooms are clean, and there are no dishes left in the sink. High-five! I know if you are a mom you understand. We love those kiddos but dang they can be a pain in the ass sometimes. What am I going to do for the next two weeks you ask. Well first I’m going to clean the house and it is actually going to stay that way. Next, I think I’m going to do whatever I want for a while and then I’m heading to the Haven Conference to meet some of my Home Decor blog buddies in person. I think I’m gonna like this. High-five to Momma getting a break!

Here are a few more high fives for the week…



1.I’m not a huge fan of tattoos but then I ran across Crimean artist Pis Saro and her beautiful botanical tattoos and I think might be  a convert. You can see how wonderfully realistic they are in the photo above but to really appreciate her work stop by and visit her on Instagram and Facebook

2. Have you hear that they just-opened Ikea Museum. Set on the site of the original Ikea store in Älmhult, Sweden the museum is a fun romp through Ikea’s more than 70 years of history. OMG, I’m planning my next vacation!

3. I’m a fabric girl…can’t get enough pattern and color so when I spied this Grand Blotch Damask fabric by Timorous Beasties I was smitten. What a work of art!

4. Has anyone seen some of the new product lines at World Market? This one has some beauties and this Black Wicker Peacock Chair is one of them.

5. I’ve been on a hunt for new flats and I think I need a pair of these Libry flats by Sole Society. What girl doesn’t need a little bling?

Have a great weekend,




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