Thrift Score Thursday No. 117


Happy #ThriftScoreThursday everyone! Today is a very happy #ThriftScoreThursday because I am sharing a score I have been hunting for a very long time. Years ago I was on a home tour when I saw a vintage Tonka Winnebago Indian on the book shelf, I fell in love. Although I wasn’t actively pursuing my own little Winnebago I always had my eye out… until recently. What really got me on a mission to find my own was following along with Cassie (my #thriftscorethursday co-host) of Primitive and Proper’s Doll House Therapy.  Her mini makeovers had me itching to join in the fun and since I didn’t have room for a doll house I thought a mini Winnebago would be the perfect compromise.

The Mighty Winnebago in this color scheme was only produced from 1973-76 and can come at a pretty high premium in good condition, some running as high as $350 with the box but more often around $50-100, so you can see why I haven’t bought one before. Now, watching and waiting, I spotted this one on Ebay with a make offer option. I jumped at the chance and offered the seller $25. The offer was excepted and now this little cutie is mine!


If you are not familiar with these Tonka Winnebagos, they are like a little rolling doll house.


The top opens up and there is a full interior inside just screaming for a makeover.


With all these cute vintage details I’m thinking this guys is going to get a full on glam-ping redo.


I’m feeling pretty inspired by Enjoy Cupcakes’ vintage cupcake trailer. Hmmm maybe my Winnebago would be pretty in pink?


I might not get to it right away but when I do I’ll be sure to share it with you guys.

Now let’s have a closer look at what you found…

thrift score thursday12

But first for the new comers let me explain just what #ThriftScoreThursday is. We want you to participate! Hit up your local thrift stores, craigslist, yard sales, estate sales, side of the road, anything! Thrifty doesn’t necessarily mean from a thrift store. We want to see your good deals, wacky finds and true treasures.

You can share your finds any day of the week but features are shared on our blogs and Instagram on Thursdays, but we’re all checking in on (and using!) the hashtag all week-long. So, when you see/find it, feel free to share it! And we love it when you tag your friends to play along, too!

Each week Cassie from Primitive and Proper, Corinna from A Designer At Home, Brynne from The Gathered Home, myself and occasionally a co-host will pick a few favorite thrift scores to feature on our blogs! Please note that by linking up with #ThriftScoreThursday, you are giving us permission to share your finds via social media or on our blogs.

That little travel trailer has me thinking pink

My Favorites:

dianerath found these beautifully upholstered stools in the NYC trash. I have got to get better neighbors guys because they never throw away goodies like these.


 How perfect is this mid-century chair thriftedriches found? Such a cutie!


doug_fritock snatch up a set of six of these chairs right as they hit the thrift store floor, awesome timing!


I loved it when teranj26  shared one of these last week in green but her fiancé didn’t dig it. This week she found one in pink and I might love it even more. She said “I’m not even going ask my fiancé about this one,” I really hope that means she bought it.


Thanks so much for sharing your great finds, all this pretty in pink seating makes this #MOSChairJunkie so happy!

Now don’t forget to stop by and check out all my co-hosts to see what they’ve been up and their favorite #ThriftScoreThursday finds.

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  1. oh my gosh those stools were in the trash?!?!?! I want them

  2. that is going to be such a fun project!! can’t wait to see what you do. and i love all of your pink features!

  3. Brynne@The Gathered Home says:

    OMG OMG! I am so excited to follow along!!! I just adore miniature things and I can’t think of anything cuter than a glammed-up miniature Winnebago!!!

    (Although we’re rewatching Breaking Bad over here so I can’t help envisioning an itty bitty mobile meth lab as well! Ha! Sorry for my weird sense of humor!)

    And so fun to do pink features this week! I can’t decide if I’m more jealous over those stools or the brass chairs!

    • Lol yes! The ’77 version of this toy is actually tan and brown like the one on Breaking Bad. Maybe I need two, one for glamping one for mini meth lab. I’m cracking up!

  4. Love your Winnebago so much! The little ones are just as adorable as the big, real ones!

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