Visit to the Hong Kong Market


This weekend after driving over ten hours to New Orleans one of our first stops was the Hong Kong Food Market. Okay, so this is probably not one on the top of everyone’s list but it might be a stop you’ll want to add. This Asian superstore housed in an old Walmart building and has a little something for everyone.


Starting with some pretty interesting characters right outside the door.


and excitement that starts as soon as you walk in the door.


I love seeing the assortments of fruits and vegetables I have never seen before.


Along with the huge selection of staples you would expect from an Asian market like rice, tea, and noodles

IMG_7759IMG_7765 IMG_7778

But our real reason for visiting the Hong Kong Market was my daughter Katie’s quest for “real” Ramen. Apparently she has become a Ramen connoisseur and is no longer satisfied with the basic Cup O Noodles from the regular grocery store. Lucky for us, Hong Kong Market had us covered…


So while Katie shopped for Ramen Will and I found a few things to shop for ourselves.

Live things…


Dead things…


Silly things…


and (my favorite) pretty things…


Lots and lots of pretty things!

and while this visit ended in only a basket full of Ramen,


I definitely know where I’ll be heading for my next round of rice bowl or Maneki Neko (the“Fortune Cat”) purchase.


If you have a local Asian market and haven’t stopped in before you just might want to put that on your to-do list.


  1. I love trying different grocery stores like that! We went to one similar, but all the packaging was in Mandarin. I had to get some friendly associates to help me! We got the best rice noodles ever there. Yum.

    • Thank goodness for a little help otherwise it would all just be a surprise. I’ll let you know if my daughter finds a Ramen winner…

  2. I loved seeing this! My son just moved to Beijing, and just this morning I received a post from him about the food (and other) markets. If he sends me something good to share, I definitely will. Thanks again.

  3. That is my son’s dream come true. We go to a local asian grocery store which is super small but he loves going and picking out foods. Him and I are asian cuisine lovers all the way

    • My husband and daughter are Asian food lovers too but I go for all the other goodies like the plants and dishes. A house lover through and through I guess. Even if I don’t eat it I do love to look at all the colorful packaging.

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