Eclectic Interiors Summer Home Tour 2016


Hello all! Welcome to the Eclectic Interiors Summer Home Tour 2016 hosted by Jess of Domicile37. All this week an amazing group of eclectic interior bloggers will be sharing  a peak inside of their homes. This comes at a perfect time for me because we have been in our new house almost nine months and I haven’t had a chance to share a full tour and it is for sure eclectic.


So today I welcome you to my eclectic home. Eclectic is a collection of ideas, styles, or tastes derived from a broad and diverse range of sources. This could not be a better explanation of my style. I have always been a collector and over our ten moves I have gathered objects and furniture from all over the U.S and the world. I definitely lean heavily towards mid-century styles but I feel perfectly at home mixing in traditional as well.  I love what I love and anything goes.


For those of you that don’t already know we are now living in South Carrolina and the house is a rental. That means I have been limited to making changes that can be reversed when we leave so with the help lots of paint, lighting, fabric, and budget friendly DIYs I have slowly worked my way through each room to make this house a home.


In my last house I used a lot of color on the walls but this house is very dark so here I chose paint colors that were light and neutral, for everything else color has been key.


You will also find that almost everything in my house is a vintage, thrift store, or flea market find.


You can see by the “Man Cave” that my husband is on board for the hunt as well.


He tends to go for historical significance (and dead things)


While I go for just about everything else…

DSC01148ig DSC01144ig DSC01142ig DSC01143ig

The one room in this house that has taken me a while to love is the kitchen. Being a rental I can’t really make big changes in this room and at first I hated it.


But adding a bit of my personality has helped me appreciate the fact that it is functional, neutral and at the very least a nice background for the things I love.


It is also the one room that has a big beautiful window with lots of light.


Perfect for my growing urban jungle.


This house also has a bonus room over the garage that is mine all mine! The work space I’ve always dreamed of is finally a reality.

DSC09324IG DSC09309ig

The opposite side of the house leads to the bedrooms and baths which are pretty typical for the no frills 90’s rancher that this house is.

DSC00019ig DSC00037ig

Like the kitchens the baths are functional and neutral, definitely nothing from Architectural Digest, but with a splash of color and collected accessories they come to life.


The bedrooms are a good size and have been easy spaces to add lots of personal touches, and of course color.


Bold fabrics and lots of pattern have also played a big part in bringing these rooms together.

DSC00480ig DSC00466ig

My son’s room even got a bold striped accent wall.

DSC09257IG DSC09246ig

and the master bedroom has become my favorite spot for a quiet retreat.

DSC00964IG DSC00978IG

with a master bathroom that is just enough.


I’m so glad you stopped by for a visit…


If you’d like to see the full tour including the before photos and links to the original posts for each room you could probably spend the day HERE.

But first be sure to stop by and visit the other Eclectic Interiors Home Tours scheduled for the week. I’ll be adding the links each day this week as the tours go on so be sure to check back in for a whole load of amazing tours.

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  1. your home is AMAZING! i love seeing it all together, maggie! i think one of my absolute favorite things is the pink door!

    • Thanks Cassie, Paint is like a miracle worker. I was a little unsure on the color when I first painted it. I was thinking it was a little too bubble gum but it has really grown on me. Wish I could paint all my doors but I don’t think I’d have the energy to paint them all back.

  2. Oh my gosh, your home is gorg!!! That pink door has all my heart, Maggie. I’ve been trying to incorporate some pink and orange into my house and I think I may have to paint a door. There’s just nothing not to love here!

    • Thanks Sarah, pink and orange are pretty high on my list these days too. I say go for it, it’s only paint…

  3. I love your house! All the colors are so bright and fun – and it’s put together without being stuffy!

    • Thanks, I think the collected look always keeps it from being too stuffy. Things you love and collect help bring in personality.

  4. You’ve done such a beautiful job! I’ll tell you, I’m particularly impressed with the kitchen and bathrooms since I know you can’t make major changes in there, but they’re beautifully decorated and I think that’s sooooo inspiring for the vast majority of us who can’t renovate wildly either and have to live with what we have! But of course, your master bedroom HAS to be my favorite space – I LOVE the greens!

    • Thanks Brynne, I am for sure a budget decorator and even when remodeling is an option the budget is pretty tight. Paint is always my best friend and Thrifting is always key!

  5. julie spear says:

    Oh WOW! I love wh!t you have done with your spaces! So inspiring and gorgeous!! The pink door and the pink lamp are a couple of my favorites! ( i didnt catch the pink lamp in your IG photo! Its fabulous!) Speaking of IG, seeing little snippets is one thing, but to see your whole room shots is amazing! Great job, your home is absolutely beautiful!

    • Thanks Julie, sometimes you get so busy all I have time for is IG but it’s nice to see people actually pop over to check out the full story.

  6. Stephanie @ Casa Watkins Living says:

    Amazing Maggie!!! I love your home and I adore all the vintage decor mixed with a modern style. I am a big fan of how you incorporate all the artifacts and accents from your travels too. Just adore it all!

  7. I found you through Cassie at Primitive and Proper, and am so glad I did! Your home is gorgeous! I love how much personality and style it has!

  8. Oh my GOODNESS, Maggie! Every room is stunning! Full of character, life and creativity. You’ve done a beautiful job with your new home! I have my eyes on those hanging copper planters and the piece above the bed in your master is too good!!

  9. I love how beautiful and interesting your interiors are Maggie!! They are so warm and inviting.

  10. 1. I want to come over like NOW. 2. I LOVE that sectional you have in your office. 3. ALL your artwork gives my hoarding little heart life… I have so much random art and I’m thinking it could all come together if I just start getting some smaller stuff and cluster them like you have! 4. The mantel…. like, whoa.

    • Oh Charlotte, you can come over anytime and we can hoard together. I am the queen of the gallery wall because otherwise there would be no room for it all. (Your needle work wall is pretty fabulous by the way)

  11. Wow!! Your entire home is gorgeous, Maggie! Your eclectic style really shines in each space. I love how you are able to cohesively pull varying elements together. This is actually the first time I’m seeing many of the rooms. Absolutely beautiful! And that glorious well-done office space?! Oh my! 🙂

  12. Your home is the epitome of eclectic! Love all of your collections!

  13. Maggie, everything has come together so beautifully! Love all the colors (obviously). You’ve totally made this space your own!!

  14. I love your collected look so much! So pretty

  15. It’s remarkable how much character you’ve been able to bring into a rental!! I love your collections and the infusion of color everywhere!

    • Thanks Karen, Just because it’s a rental doesn’t mean it can’t feel like home. A bigger challenge but not impossible.

  16. I just can’t decide what I love best about your rooms! I think my favorite is how you mix patterns/colors. You do it in such a way that it doesn’t feel overwhelming… just stylish, bright and livable.

  17. Maggie! It’s all so, so good. Love how you use thrifted items and love all your color!

  18. Oh, that pink door is so fabulous! And I could totally move in to your daughters room right now!

    • Thank you Angela, My daughter will be a Junior in high school next year so when she goes off to college you can move in.

  19. Maggie I am so in love with your style and all your genius use of color! Everything about this tour is totally perfect! And that pink door – I swoon!!!! LOVE!!!

  20. Hi, Maggie! I really adore your home and all the fun color you’ve added to it. I still can’t get over the fireplace makeover–it steals the whole show. I’m getting started on a similar gallery wall for a hallway. Yours is my inspiration–cool and collected.

  21. That is just gorgeous!! Do you have any suggestions for getting the awesomely eclectic look with your artwork?? I love it…where have you collected most of it from?

    • #1 tip buy what you love! Almost all of my art is from flea markets, garage sales, thrift stores or street vendors. It does not have to be expensive just whatever you love. I do prefer original art even if it’s just someones Sunday afternoon attempt. I usually buy what I love and mix it up or put my collection of like items together like all my paint by numbers on one wall and all my paper cut silhouettes on another.

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