It’s Friday, High Five!

rosa-1Photo via Colossal

Praise Be! At my house the 2015-2016 school year is officially over. Wednesday was the kid’s last day of school and everyone made it through the year of adjusting to a new school (mostly) uneventfully. New friends were made and all their classes were passed with flying colors (at least I think so, all the report cards aren’t out yet.) That means I now have an 11th and 6th grader who aren’t the new kids anymore. High-five to that! With the school year behind us we are ready for a week of rest so next week is stress free, but after that let the travels begins. High-five!

Here are a few more high-fives for the week…


1.There is something about a miniatures that is so fascinating to me so when I saw Amsterdam-based designer Rosa de Jong had created a series called Micro Matter where towering houses and tall buildings fit neatly inside of large glass test tubes I was in awe.  If you love this series you’ll also love watching is progress on Instagram.

2. This Insta-Reality vs. Insta-Faker video cracks me up. So easy to get caught up in all the pretty pictures. #Perfect

3. Sugar and Cloth created this colorful pom pom wall hanging that has me wanting to pull out my yarn stash and start making pom poms.

4. You know I’m an embroidery buff so it’s no surprise I’m crushing on Maria Arseniuk of femme.broidery pretty pieces.

5. Holy cow, this marbled wood floor designed by Pernille Snedker Hansen of Snedker Studio is just amazing! Holly Becker at Decor8 did an amazing feature on it you must check out.

Have a great weekend,



  1. Modern cat embroidery?!?!?! I want one

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