Living Room Reveal


I know I’ve shared a few photos here and there mostly of this angle of our living room but there has never been a true reveal. To be honest this is because I’ve never really felt like this room was “done.” It has always been awkward to me with a lot of traffic flow, the mantel which should be the focal point but of course for practical reasons can not because we also need a place for the TV, all without impeding the door out to the screened porch.


On the opposite direction there are three doors, the one on the far right (you can’t see) leads to the bedrooms, the middle one into the entry hall and the one on the left into the kitchen, and lets not forget the oddly placed built-in right in the center of an off-center wall. The whole room is awkward and a feels like it needs to be about 3′ wider to make the traffic flow really work.


Well guys today I’m “revealing” it all because I finally feel like I’ve got it settled. I last week’s Eddie Ross mantel was the final piece of the puzzle that made it complete. Before adding the painted mantel the sofa wall felt too heavy but now with a big statement reclaiming the mantel as the focal point, it all seems balanced.


In the end there was only one way to make this room work. I had to leave the two traffic paths open and arrange everything around those. I put the TV opposite the sofa leaving space in front for traffic out to the porch without sacrificing a good TV viewing (well as long as no one walks by.)


And by leaving the pathway between the built-ins and the back of the sofa open I created a separation between the living space and work space I was able to make by adding an extension to the built-in.


plus the built-ins can house all my files and work supplies as well as my collected goodies.


The sectional we already owned has worked perfectly in this room, we tried our regular sofa with all different chair arrangements and I never could get it to make sense but the sectional, because it is not too large, fills the space nicely.


Now with the addition of my colorful collections I finally have this living space feeling like home.



  1. i love your fun mix, and that gallery wall behind the sofa is amazing!

  2. Karen says:

    Maggie, it is amazing!! So warm and inviting. You have made this rental a dream home. I hope the owner follows your blog!

    • Thanks Karen, I’m not sure if they do but I have considered tracking them down. I know they had nightmare renters before us so they would probably appreciate the effort.

    • Thanks Karen, no reason a rental can’t be home too.

  3. As always I’m in awe of your gallery wall skills! I feel you on the odd living room configuration. I’m still figuring out how to arrange ours so as not to block the large openings to the entry way or dining room. I adore how you added the desk to the built-in. I’m not sure how you did it, but it’s exactly perfect!

    • Thanks Britt, I had to become a gallery wall expert because I collect WAY too much thrift art to be housed one here and one there. This odd layout was definitely a challenge but in the end trail and error won out.

  4. Maggie, your living room is so well done! Good scale, balance, and repetition of elements (esp colors). You nailed the room layout in terms of traffic flow and function. The TV wall balanced the gallery wall and mantel. LOVE how you added function with the desk. It also made the bookshelf look more intentionally placed. You just completed another ORC?! 🙂 Beautiful room!!!

  5. I love your living room, Maggie! And it was nice to finally get to see the other side. 🙂 The room looks so comfortable and welcoming, and the gallery wall is awesome. I also like the globes displayed in the built-in. My living room is shrouded in mystery and rarely makes it on the blog-you’re inspiring me to get off my rear and start on it. (Just as soon as I’m done looking at blogs.)

  6. Gretchen@BoxyColonial says:

    oh, I love this room! It looks so cozy and liveable. That painted fireplace is perfect; I think everyone needs a colorful fireplace :). And the gallery wall is amazing!

  7. You worked wonders in this space! And I am obsessed with the beautiful Mid-Century cabinet your TV sits on! Gorgeous space, Maggie!

    • Brynne that cabinet is one of my all time best scores. I got it for just $65 in Germany. It had a twin that had glass where mine has doors, should have bought them both but they wouldn’t fit in the car…

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