Mid-Century Plant Stand Makeover


This week I have been a busy bee getting my mid-century plant stands back into shape and ready to add to my kitchen collection. You may remember these guys from Thrift Score Thursday a few weeks back. Then they were not looking quite so nice. Paint on the wood and rusty metal was not exactly the look I was going for so I decided on a makeover to get them back, or at least close, to their former glory!


I started with a little Citrus strip on the wood, since it had a little spray paint and pealing clear coat that needed to be removed. This only took a few minutes since there wasn’t very much finish to remove.


Once the stripper had done its job I scrubbed the wood clean with steel wool and gave it a quick sanding to remove any debris.

At this point I also took the time to scrub down all the metal parts with a heavy wire brush to remove any loose rust.


After wiping everything clean the wood was ready for a new coat of stain, I chose Minwax Red Chestnut.


Once the stain was dry, I masked the wood with paper and painter’s tape and the exposed areas got a fresh coat of gold spray paint. My favorite gold paint for a nice brassy finish is Design Master Metallic Spray Paint.


once the masking was removed my plant stands were looking good as new.


and even better once they made it into the kitchen.

DSC01085IG DSC01084IGDSC010862IG


  1. They are so unique and look fabulous now. Love the flower pots too

  2. I love the direction this look went! The gold paint compliments the wood stain you chose so nicely. Placed next to those adorable palm tree curtains, these pieces are giving me a mid-century meets Miami vibe!

  3. These plant stands were such a great score!! Love how you cleaned them up and styled them. πŸ™‚

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