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Today I am excited to be participating, for the first time, in a fun new feature The Inspired by DIY Challenge organized by my good friend Jess of Domicile 37. Each month, we find a piece from a store or designer that we find inspiring and create our own version, DIY style. This month’s inspiration is the amazing designer Eddie Ross. If you pop over to his site or have caught a glimpse of the cover of his new book Modern Mix you’ll know right away what inspire this weeks DIY.

This aqua mantel display that graces the cover of Modern Mix is bold and breathtaking but I admit the idea of taking it on was just a little bit scary. The Eddie Ross mantle has lots of amazing details and looks very expensive.

Pg 150

My builder grade mantel looks like this, I was a little nervous about how it would translate.


but when I went to scout paint colors at Lowe’s and found a $5 can of oops paint in the perfect shade (Olympic Paint: Bermuda) I knew it was a risk I could afford.


The first few strokes were scary…


but by the time the full paint job was done, it was really growing on me.


Now, how could I pull off the gold accents?

I found the perfect solution in this foil washi tapes I found on clearance at Micheal’s for $5. The two different widths of solid tape would be my accent bands.


By applying the tape along a few details of the mantel and cutting the edges with an Exacto knife I got just the look I wanted with minimal effort.


While my mantel doesn’t have as many fancy a detail a little gold tape sure made it look like it did.


When I started this DIY I was concerned about how the red brick would look against the blue. I loved Eddie’s black brick but because we are in rental I can’t do anything that can’t be reversed.


In the end I didn’t mind the red at all and once I painted our vintage style wood grate to look brass everything seemed to come together.


Now all it needed was a little collected styling full of color and whimsy a’la Eddie Ross


Fortunately, I’m a collector too so I had that covered. Me and Eddie, we see eye to eye! (Okay grammar police I know that is not grammatically correct but “Eddie and I” just doesn’t work in that sentence.)


and there you have it my friends Inspired by DIY, Eddie Ross mantel styled and colorful!


Okay and I may have added a little Eddie to the coffee table too.


What can I say?

Eddie Ross, you are a genius!

Do you want to see more Eddie Ross inspired DIY?  I have a few friends joining in the fun so be sure to stop by and check them it out!

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  1. maggie this is SO fabulous and unique! love it!

  2. Oh YES! BIG FAT YES! It’s so awesome and I totally love it

  3. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! This turned out great, and I think I like the red brick even better than the brick in your inspiration pic! It works so well with the blue and gold. 😀

  4. Absolutely love it! I was wondering how you got the gold trim to look like actual gold strips. Now I know. I love it even with the brick.

    • I actually thought about masking in and using gold leaf but then I got the idea of using pin striping tape like they use on cars when I couldn’t find any I moved on to Micheal’s and scored this foil washi. Later I was looking back though Modern Mix and it says right in the book Eddie used foil tape. I could have saved myself a lot of brain power if I would have read that first 😛

  5. That is STUNNING! I love that you went super bold! I wouldn’t have had the guts but yours looks so amazing!

    • I’m pretty much of the “it’s only Paint” School so I figure if I don’t like the paint, I can always paint it again.

  6. Brynne@The Gathered Home says:

    Oh my goodness, Maggie, it’s incredible! You are so fearless – I don’t think it would ever have occurred to me to paint my mantel anything other than a neutral. The teal and gold is absolutely stunning!

  7. I think you are pretty genius, too — I would probably never have thought of that tape. When you live with constraints (like your situation of having to be able to reverse what you have done) it forces you to be far more creative. Great job!

    • Thanks, With all the new tapes (that are removable) out on the market I’ve found quite a few uses for it. Always looking for somewhere I can add a little color…

  8. Love it! I wish I had a mantelpiece!!!! The colour is perfect. I can’t wait to see how you transition it through the seasons. XO

  9. Janet Brennan says:

    I think you are the genius! Beautiful and the gold really makes it!

  10. Stephanie @ Casa Watkins Living says:

    Absolutely wonderful!!! I was thinking of doing the same thing when I saw the cover of his book. Unfortunately, not all members of the fam are on board with my paint job, so I’m going to live vicariously through you. 🙂

    • I get you, my husband is pretty go with the flow with most things (other than in the one room that’s his) but even if he objected he’s deployed right now and won’t see this for another six months. By then I could have moved on to a whole other color… Glad you like it even if others don’t 😉

  11. michelewesdock says:

    That is smashing! You are so fearless, which is a quality I think I could use a good dose of. That foil tape looks amazing and the red brick really works. I love your styling, too 🙂

  12. I knew from your IG feed that this was going to be good! And to think it all came from a can of “oops” paint… I love it so much!

    • Thanks Sarah, I guess it was just meant to be. The oops paint projects are my favorites especially since it means I didn’t have to spend a lot of money.

  13. I love that you just went for it! In a rental too! It looks so beautiful and love the creative use of washi tape. Your styling is so Modern Mix style. It’s perfect. xoxo

    • Thanks Kathryn, We are military too so if I waited to get my forever home to do what I wanted to do it would never happen. I figure any money I put into a temporary home is money spent on my own happiness. Fortunately my husband is almost always on board. He actually says if we are going to do a big project lets do it as soon as we move in so we get the most enjoyment out of the money. When we own it’s nice if the projects adds value but mostly I make the changes for myself.

  14. This is genius! It looks so good and I cannot believe that’s tape. Based on the photos I was wondering how many days you spent gold leafing. You killed it!

    • Thanks Arielle, Haha actually it took about 30 minutes… It was pretty easy just by following the lines of the molding. What really took time was figuring out which lines to follow.

  15. Yessss! You rocked this!! What a GORGeous transformation! I love your faux brass log holder and that washi tape is the most perfect touch! So glad you were able to join us 😉 – Rachael

    • Thanks Rachel, Challenges like these are a great way to get me moving on a project I may have otherwise put aside for later. I had a great time and can’t wait to find out who’s next…

  16. This is AMAZING! I would never have the guts to go this bold, but you rocked this. The gold tape is a genius DIY hack that I will definitely be using on some moldings in my guest room. You’ve totally inspired me.

  17. I’m so in love with this!!! I mean if I wasn’t renting I might run and go by paint today in love with! Great job! Pinning for later!

    • Linda, I’m a renter too. I just accepted the fact that I’d have to paint it back later and went for it!

  18. You’ve outdone yourself (AGAIN) with this one, Maggie! What a great idea with the washi tape–the whole execution is genius. You killed it, girl!

  19. Oh my goodness, you went for it! Love the aqua teal color and how clever with the gold washi tape?! The brass log holder and brass accents brought it all together. It’s gorgeous Maggie! 🙂

    • I did! And I love it. I’m sharing the rest of the room tomorrow because I feel like the mantel was the final element that made it all make sense.

  20. Gold tape!? You’re a freaking genius! I love how it turned out <3

    • Thanks Corrina, I always say laziness is the mother of invention. Whatever I can do to get the best results for the least amount I’m all for.

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