It’s Friday, High Five!

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Yay it’s Friday. Another week gone by and for the next long while that will be a good thing. At the Overby house we are almost through week two of my husbands six month deployment. Week one is always busy. You’ve spent weeks putting things off so you can spend time together which means week one is catch up. You don’t have a lot of time to think about the next six month, year, or whatever the time will be, just what has to get done now. Week two, week two is hard, lots of adjustments, settling in to things being different, someone really important being gone and then it hits you. Oh God, we are only two weeks in. There are usually tears (from me) and misbehaving (mostly from the kids) and the time ahead seems really daunting. Even though this ain’t our first rodeo and six months is actually a pretty short deployment for us (we’ve gone as long as 18 months)  it still sucks, it always sucks. So you give yourself some time to feel sick about it and then you have to get on with it. We’ll still miss Daddy but we also have things to do, so you do them and hope you have enough to do so time will pass quickly so everything can return to normal. So yeah, week two is pretty shitty but we made through and all is good okay. High-five to that!

Here are a few more high-fives for the week…friday


1.I love a good before and after and Anthony D’Argenzio’s East Village apartment takes the cake. Stop by Lonny and see the transformation from grandma not so chic (including mauve swag curtains and plastic covered sofas) to hip eclectic home.

2. Herb Vogel never earned more than $23,000 a year. He spent nearly 50 years in a one-bedroom apartment with his wife. They had just one indulgence: art.

3. And as long as we are talking art. Stop by Scotch and Nonsense and meet Charlottesville, Virginia artist Mara Sprafkin in an interview with the on life, inspiration, and new motherhood. Plus some pretty amazing shots of her patchwork art.

4. Hate re-potting your plants? London-based designers Studio Ayaskan has got your problem solved with an expandable origami pot they call GROWTH. This idea is total genius!

5. I am blue jeans girl so when I like to dress it up I go for a fun pair of classic pumps. Recently one of my favorite pair of pink pumps (I’ve literally had for 15 years) finally died and now I am on the hunt for a replacement. I’m kind of feeling the Nine West Jackpot might be the jackpot!

Have a great weekend,




  1. Kellie says:

    For your information…the Soileau’s aspire to be the Vogel’s. What a great story!

  2. Love that piece on the Vogels. So great! Thanks for including me (well really, Mara) in your roundup this week. And happy Friday!

  3. The story on the Vogels was wonderful! Truly enjoyed it. Also, I own those pumps and have to say they are very comfortable for a pair of heels. Hoping this deployment goes quickly for you and your family.

    • Proves that amazing things don’t have to be expensive. Including those cute pumps. I find Nine West always fits my foot comfortably. Happy Mother’s Day to me!

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