My Kantha Quilt Has Gone to the Dogs


You may remember from my #ThriftScoreThursday Post last week I found an Indian Kantha quilt at a salvage store that sells all kinds of building and decorator surplus. These quilts come in an amazing variety of colors because they are made from recycled Sari scraps patched together and then quilted in layers. The higher end Kanthas are made from vintage Sari’s and are tightly quilted. The light weight Kantha I bought was reasonably priced and mostly likely made from new fabric but I still loved the look and it was perfect for what I wanted to do with it.


It started with these two lazy bums and their round beds we keep in the living room. I bought these smaller round beds after having to move the big bed back and forth from the laundry room one too many time. They love these beds but they do not have a removable cover and hair clings to the fleecy top side that is white, yes white. Who thought that up? Up until now I have been putting the entire bed in the washing machine but it takes a long time to dry and I can only fit one at a time so cleaning them is an all day project. The simple solution make removable covers for them but not just any covers bright, boho, Kantha covers.


They look great stacked when not in use, but I can see that is not going to be very often.  They are already getting rave reviews.


And I even had enough fabric left over to make  a pillow for myself.



  1. Looks great, Maggie! And how nice that you had enough to make a pillow for yourself, too! 😀

  2. Love these! Maybe if I made some pretty covers for our dog beds the dogs would use them instead of their current favorite – any and all of our furniture.

    • I guess it wouldn’t hurt to try. Mine love their beds but I do catch them napping on the couch occasionally when they think no one is looking.

  3. Love the mix of prints and patterns! And you go, girl for getting a pillow for yourself out of it!! – Rachael

  4. I love this (what lucky pups)! I just nabbed and tattered antique rug and was thinking of making them into floor pillows.

    • I was actually considering using rag rugs for this project at first but when I ran across this inexpensive Kantha I knew it would be perfect but rugs would be great too.

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