One Room Challenge Master Bedroom – Week Four

Holy cow, it’s week four of my six-week master bedroom update and time is running out. If you were not here last week let me remind you what’s up. Twice a year Linda of Calling It Home hosts the  One Room Challenge, during this event twenty design bloggers take on the challenge to transform one space in just six weeks. Every Wednesday, the designers document their progress while sharing their sources and professional advice. In addition to following along, everyone with a blog, (that’s me!) is welcome to join the fun as a guest participant by linking their own room transformations to Calling It Home.


 If you missed the progress so far you can have a look back at  WEEK 1, WEEK 2, and WEEK 3.

So this is week four and I’ve finally installed my nightstand DIY into the master bedroom. I scored these cuties at Indigo Market in Charleston and with a little DIY magic made them the perfect night stands for my new space.

PicMonkey Collage

With the night stands in place it was time to choose some lighting. My fist decisions was on bedside lighting which I originally thought I had all planned out, but I decided to try a few different options anyway.

1.The existing lamps are a pair of crystal lamps I bought years ago at Target and have been all around the house since then.

2.These vintage lamps I purchased with this makeover in mind and were originally the lamps I planned.

3.While looking for lampshades for lamp 2. I found a pair of beautiful black lampshades that were a steal. I couldn’t pass them up and when I got home I found that looked great on a pair of taller vintage lamps I had upstairs in my sewing room (actually from the last ORC.)

When I tried number three out in the master bedroom and I loved how dramatic they looked (my husband even voted for them) so plans changed and number two-headed to my sewing room so these could stay in the master.


Now for my dirty little secret, this not so lovely 1990’s ceiling fan with shiny brass, high gloss blades (yes you can see your face in them) and those terrible tulips shades that expose the light bulbs, yuck. I didn’t even mention/show you this in my original plan because I wasn’t sure replacing it was going to make the budget. I just planned on ignoring it for a while, maybe crop it out of any photos and pretend it wasn’t there.

But now thanks to our sponsor Lamps Plus who will be providing a new ceiling fan I can finally get this monstrosity out of here!


I know a beautiful chandelier would be amazing in this space but let’s get real. I live in South Carolina (you got the South part of that right?) It’s hot in the summer and sometimes even in the winter and a ceiling fan is kind of required. (Plus my husband might divorce me if I get rid of the fan entirely.) Instead of ditching the fan I decided to choose a more attractive option. Even though a ceiling fan is not going to have as much impact as a chandelier, one with clean lines and a simple design can at least be elegant and unobtrusive. Have a look at these simply styled fans from Lamps Plus I am considering.

6 fans1//2//3//4//5//6

You can see all the fans I am looking at have clean lines and no frills. I liked a few in the chrome finish but with all the brass accents in this room, I decided to go with a darker fan that I thought might compliment the black shades on the lamps. In the end, I chose the 52″ Minka Aire Aluma Oil-Rubbed Bronze because it had a timeless look with a low profile.


Now I’m just waiting for this beauty to arrive. Maybe next week I can show it to you all installed.

If you want to see what everyone else is working on be sure to stop by and check out all the linking participants and featured designers.




  1. my new ceiling fan/lights from lamps plus just arrived- can’t wait to get them hung!!!

  2. Wanted to let you know that you will be featured tomorrow at TOHOT!
    Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

  3. Mila @jestcafe says:

    OK. Those nightstands are gorgeous, and that 3rd lamp would be my choice too. This is looking good. congrats

    • Thanks it’s coming along but I’m still waiting on a few deliveries, cross your fingers the arrive in time.

  4. Love your side tables. Such a clever DIY! Can’t wait to see your final reveal.

  5. I loooove that nightstand DIY! So, so great. And well done on the ceiling fan! We have pretty terrible ones too – need to upgrade stat!

  6. Wow, those nightstands are amazing! Great job!

  7. jlulind says:

    Your nightstands are gorgeous. Adding a gold-colored base to match the gold edging was a great idea. Your lamps are absolutely beautiful. I like dark shades. I’m thinking of buying grey shades and white lamps.

  8. So glad you are getting to replace your ceiling fan. I love the one you chose and I’m sure it will make a huge difference. Still marveling over the side tables. They came out SO amazing, and I can’t believe how you put them together. Loving the lamps you chose for the bedroom, but I love lamp #2 as well, so no loss for your lovely sewing room.

    • Thanks Britt, I love lamp 2 as well but they will work just as well I the sewing room ( as soon as they get rewired ) at least that’s one less thing to do.

  9. You are so talented. I love the new look of the dressers and I really like the all white lamp on them.

  10. The bedside tables are just stunning! Love what you did with the legs and the black lampshades are perfect. Beautiful.

    • Thanks Kathryn. I am so happy with the result. You know how DIY goes sometimes it’s a hit and sometimes it’s a flop. These guys will definitely go on my hit list.

  11. Those nightstands look fantastic!!! I like the ceiling fan you chose too!

  12. Carlina says:

    Love this! Sorry if this is a silly question but do you have a tutorial for the nightstands?

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