DIY Metal Base Night Stand


I have been on the hunt for night stands for my master bedroom for a while now. I was originally looking at a few night stands that had a combination of wood and metal but I found most of them seemed far to small to go with our new king size bed. After months of hunting I finally realized if I wanted something just right I was going to have to make it myself.


 I started with a pair vintage Dixie nightstand I bought from Indigo Market in Charleston. (If you are ever in Charleston stop by to check out their amazing vintage finds.) When I spotted these guys I loved the lines and campaign details even if the finish did need a little work. The size was good with plenty of storage and since my plan was to paint them, they were almost perfect. The only major problem was the height which was rather low for a modern bed.

I brought them home and pondered how to raise them up a bit until I finally came up with a plan to turn this…


Into this!


I started by removing the wood base and hardware and giving the night stands a new paint job in Krylon CoverMaxx, Hunter Green.

Next I taped off everything except the edge molding of  the drawers and nightstand body.

Using Design Master® Premium Metals Spray from Micheal’s I painted these areas.


Once the masking was removed I had perfect gold edging.


My solution to raising the height was to add a new base and since I had dreamed of a metal based nightstand I found the perfect solution. Using a metal framed slide under sofa table turned on it’s side I could add just the right amount of height. I found this one at TJMaxx where they had all different sizes and finished. I picked a few I thought would work and brought them home to see which one looked best. I chose one that was almost a perfect fit to the bottom of my night stand and added 10″ of height. I removed the wood top and filled any holes with wood filler, sanded, and painted it with the same gold paint I used on the nightstand.

To attach the base I added some blocking to even out the bottom of the nightstand, then drilled holes through the metal base, and screwed it into the bottom of the nightstand.

Attached the whole thing looks like this.


Add in the hardware and drawers and I now have the perfect size night stands I was dreaming of.



  1. maggie these are incredible!!! way to go!

  2. Love this! I don’t know if I would have thought to use metal frames off of a table. Genius idea!

  3. Jeanette says:


  4. I’ve been dying to do this and prepping my husband for welding me some bases. I’m definitely going to peek around for chairs to hopefully convert first tho:) thanks for sharing.
    Julie Peterson

  5. Brenda says:

    Those are superb. Can’t wait to see them in your room.

  6. I’m obsessed with those night tables!! What a gorgeous transformation they make, and they add so much to the room! LOVE!! So excited to see what else you pull into this stunning transformation!

  7. These turned out fantastic! I’ve been looking for some that are similar, but I’m not sure I am as ambitious as you, haha.

  8. Charlita H Brown says:

    I am a design blog junkie and I have NEVER written a comment before, but after seeing these nightstands and they way you came up with an idea to add height, I knew I had to give you kudos. These nightstands are EVERYTHING!!! BRAVO!!!!

    • What a huge compliment, I feel very honored to have received your very fist comment! Thank you. I hope you visit often (whether you comment or not.)

  9. Love the color! I am a bit late to the TOHOT party this week due to my college semester finals but I’m so glad that I didn’t miss this. Have a wonderful week.

    • This go round it’s hard to keep up, so many people playing along, so little time. Glad you found time to stop by!

  10. Maggie this is stunning!! I found your blog on Pinterest when I was searching for green and gold dressers. I have to say, this is GENIUS….specifically how you use the slide in side tables as a base for the night stands. Love them so much. Featured them on my blog 😛

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