It’s Friday, High Five!

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Thank God it’s Friday, lets just put the high-five right there. It has been a rough week. Not a terrible week because things worked out in the end, but a rough one. It started when my loyal 2007 Toyota Highlander Hybrid started making a strange noise. I have continued driving this beater because it has been a very dependable car and since my daughter gets her license in just a few weeks I figured I would pass it to her and by myself something new in the fall. In less than a week my husband will also deploy for six months so over that time I will also have his Mini Clubman to drive when needed. We have a plan!

Sometimes God laughs at your plans. On Tuesday I took my Highlander to the mechanic who initially recommended a tune-up and injection system cleaning, a total of about $700 worth of maintenance, suckie but doable. The next morning I get a call that while they have already done $700 worth of maintenance they have also found that the transmission is going and needs to be replace, are you sitting down? The total cost, over $6,000! Apparently, the transmission on a Hybrid is double the cost. I was floored, the car is barely worth $6,000. Arrrgh!

This is not what I wanted to deal with this week. I want to rest and relax and spend time with my husband. But instead, we ended up haggling with over the price of a new Highlander and worrying if it would fit into the budget. In the end, we decided to go ahead buy the new car now since I need something large I can move furniture in for business and the Mini was not going to cut it. Plus Toyota gave us a decent trade in on the junker and forgave the cost of the maintenance already done. Now I have a brand new 2016 Toyota Highlander with all the bells and whistles, my first new car in 10 years.

I am glad to have a good traveling vehicle while my husband is gone so we can visit family without worrying over a breakdown. While this whole thing was a mess, in the end he can leave knowing I’m driving a dependable car and I can enjoy driving it. Another plus the new Highlander is much larger than the old one so I can haul lots more stuff, Hmm when is the next estate sale…. High five to that!

Here are a few more high-fives for the week…

friday1.Did you happen to stop by Chairish to check out Emily Henderson’s vintage sale? She was selling the beauties in the photo above, I’ll take it all please! If you missed you it don’t worry, you can still learn all about her vintage style in this interview at My Domaine.

2. Want to check out my new car? I got it in Alumina Jade Metallic, sounds fancy right!

3. Love Encuastic Cement Tiles abut can’t afford the price? Try this Antique Floor Tile Hacking Kit

4. Who doesn’t want to find a Baby Nessy in their tea? I love creative design!

5. Looking for a smile? Check out these miniature mid-century hotel models by Anna Carey.

Have a great weekend,





  1. i need nessy in my tea! so fun! and BOO on car issues. but yay for new cars! just dont’ think about the money, ok? and enjoy it! 🙂

    • Thanks Cassie, glad to see the comments are working today. Not sure what was going on with my TST post??? I love my new car it was time. I am just disappointed I don’t have the old one to pass down to my daughter. This is mostly selfish though, I was so looking forward to not sitting in the carpool line :p

  2. Kellie says:

    I’m afraid I’m going to one-up you here. My kid broke BOTH his front teeth this week. Two root canals on a 4 year old…no fun! So jelly on the new car. Did you get 3 rows of seats?

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