Thrift Score Thursday No. 106


Happy #ThriftScoreThursday everybody! For me this Thursday is a very happy one. As you all know I am an avid thrifter, some weeks I find one or two good deals, other weeks the clouds part and the thrift gods shine down upon me and there are great deals everywhere I turn. This was one of those weeks!

It all started with our spring break vacation which landed us in Atlanta for the weekend. When I ran across an estate sale which advertised lots of Asian objects and I knew I had to go. Because of our plans we didn’t make it until day two of the sale but even on day two the house was packed with all kinds of global goodies. The family had a military background and had traveled all over Asia and the Middle East collecting everything along the way. This place was a bohemian/chinoiserie dream.

The day two bonus, 30% off everything! Have a look at just a small bit of the three floors of awesomeness we saw while we were there.

Well how could I resist all this? I didn’t!

We ended up purchasing everything in the photo above, and then some, including a nice pair of binoculars for my son and I embroidered silk kimono for my daughter (as repayment for spending part of our vacation at an estate sale, fine call it a bribe if you’d like.)

Have a closer look at my sweet China doll,


and this gold unicorn that has been this week’s lucky charm.


I even scored a few glass bonsai trees which have always been a favorite of mine. These three cost $20 total.



My husband even found a few things for his collection.


Pretty impressive haul for under $200. I only wish I’d had more to spend.

Now for your #ThriftScoreThursday finds.

thrift score thursday12

For newcomers let me explain just what #ThriftScoreThursday is.  We want you to participate! Hit up your local thrift stores, craigslist, yard sales, estate sales, side of the road, anything! Thrifty doesn’t necessarily mean from a thrift store. We want to see your good deals, wacky finds and true treasures.

You can share your finds any day of the week but features are shared on our blogs and Instagram on Thursdays, but we’re all checking in on (and using!) the hashtag all week long. So, when you see/find it, feel free to share it!  And we love it when you tag your friends to play along, too!

Each week Cassie from Primitive and Proper, Corinna from A Designer At Home, Brynne from The Gathered Home, myself and occasionally a  guest co-host will pick a few favorite thrift scores to feature on our blogs! Please note that by linking up with #ThriftScoreThursday, you are giving us permission to share your finds via social media or on our blogs.

Now for my favorite finds:

I WANT THIS CHAIR! ThriftedRiches  may I please, please, pretty please have it? It is just about perfect!


I’m a sucker for a mid-century chests and this petite cutie ThisVintageGrove found is just a cute as it can be.


RestoredandRestyled‘s picture pretty much say it all. This rug is so yummy!


HouseHomemade found this awesome side table at an estate sale. Unfortunately she doesn’t have room for it so off to Craigslist it goes. (If you are in the Dallas area be on the look out!)


Great finds everyone!

Now don’t forget to stop by and check out all my co-hosts to see what they’ve been up and their favorite #ThriftScoreThursday finds.

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  1. Wow what treasures. I know my daughter would love that gold unicorn. So cool

    • That’s probably where it will end up at my house too. I love it though, so maybe it can visit my desk on occasion when I’m needing it’s mojo for inspiration.

  2. I wish I was in the Dallas area to snag that side table! And who doesn’t need a brass unicorn in their life!? Thanks so much for the feature!

  3. You had a good week! Thanks for posting my find. Have a great day!

  4. you hit the motherload!!!!! that looks AMAZING!

  5. Brynne@The Gathered Home says:

    Oh my word, Maggie!!! Chinoiserie heaven! That China doll just stole my heart and I’m sure the brass unicorn will continue to bring you oodles of good thrifting luck! I’m adding “visit estate sales with Maggie” to my bucket list! 😀

    Super fun features this week – I could see all of them playing well in a room design together!

    • Let’s meet in Atlanta for those Estate sales, they rock! This one would have been perfect since they had two and tree of everything otherwise we might have to play rock, paper, scissors over who gets to buy what.

  6. A bleeping gold unicorn and a maxed out budget of only $200. I’m done with your post woman. You make my heart hurt with jealousy. Love ya. PS, how do I get into estate sales? Where do you find them???

    • Haha, Well some of it I have to sell to keep up with my habit so it’s not all fun and hoarding. Maybe I’ll write a post on Estate sales but if your new to it the best place to start is You can search by location and they will have a list of many of the sales in the area. If your in a small town like me there won’t be many but sometimes they have smaller companies that run these sales that don’t have ads on this website but may advertise in the newspaper, Craiglist, or even have their own facebook pages (ask around the antique stores they usually know who runs the sales.) Big cities like Atlanta may have 50 in one weekend so sometimes driving is worth the effort. The prices tend to be higher than a yard sale but the items are usually better and will be the remaining contents of the whole house. The best deal you should know is that they usually last two or three days (normally Fri, Sat, Sun), first day is full price, second day goes to 30% off and then the last day 50% off. On the last day you won’t have as much selection but will definitely get the best deals. You can email me if you have any specific question and I’ll be glad to help you get started. Good luck!

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