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I am totally addicted Instagram! Whether you participate by adding your own photos or just follow the beautiful feeds of others I highly recommend it. One of my latest obsessions are the vignette photos of my new friend Maria or Mariaski63. She doesn’t tout a blog or a store just beautifully curated vignettes of gathered goodness, many of them titled along with a short narrative of the inspiration for the collection. After months of seeing these masterpieces on Instagram I had to ask if I could share them here on the blog for you guys to see and ask her a few questions on how these little wonders came to be. She graciously agreed.

After exchanging text back and forth I found Maria and I had quite a bit in common, we both have Army pilot husbands, we have lived in some of the same places, and of course share a love for vintage treasures. We had lots to chat about and I had lots of questions for her about her life and her Instagram photographs. I will let her answer in her own words and while we are at it you can enjoy her beautiful art.


When you’re not shooting amazing vignettes do you have a day job?

I am a graphic designer by trade. I worked for an international apparel and accessories company for 14 years. I mostly designed graphics for products which sold in Mass Market stores but also did logos, hang tags, market books, trend boards, etc. I walked away from my job during my parent’s terminal illnesses. Being an only child caring for two terminally ill, bedridden parents, a teenager and a household, while working full-time, it was stressful!!!

What made you start doing these vignettes? Where do you get your objects?

I discovered the lovely, visual world of Instagram and began using it as a way of expressing my creativity, sharing and showcasing my estate sale/thrift finds (another cathartic adventure,) and as a distraction and outlet for my grief.


What inspires you? Are there any items  or themes that are your favorites?
Coming off of several losses during the toughest few years of my life (& still tender), I am trying to focus on things that spark joy! These include, spending time with other connected, soul seekers, the desire to travel, immerse myself in the richness of other cultures, music, food and arts, and finally catch up on a selection of great books I have! You can see that all of the senses are involved! Richness (not monetarily), realness, truth and depth. From “simply presenting” objects to “conceptualizing” a mood or story around them.

For me, inspiration is everywhere. The world, life is my muse. I can be inspired by just about anything. An object, person, thought, emotion, experience, anything! My mind is always going!

I would say there are a few “themes” if you will, nature, animals, exotic or unusual brass, wood, horn, shells, foliage…global & vintage.
Because I am Amerasian, half Polish & half Japanese, I have always felt “different”, I guess you could say, global or exotic!


Your shots make me feel like I’ve traveled the world, Have you?

I love that you shared the feeling of being transported in some way, by looking at my gallery!!! That means so much! I really rely on “feelings” & being transported, moved internally in some way. Being a military brat, I’ve traveled a bit. But I would say it goes back to feeling things so deeply in my soul. Moved by color, design, craftsmanship, style, beauty…

Do you use a camera for you shots or just your phone?

I use my IPhone 6S only. It may not look like it but I can agonize over an item, angle. shot, for hours!!! I’m not usually completely satisfied and can always find something to tweak but am learning to accept imperfection as perfection!


Pretty impressive aren’t they? And these are just a few. Of Mariaski63‘s over 300 photos most of them are gathered works of art like these.


To me they feel like wonderfully curated shadow boxes. Each one would be beautiful printed out and put into a deep frame.


A big thanks to Maria for letting me share and for taking time out to answer my questions. If you enjoyed these few photos stop by and check out Mariaski63 and  be sure to follow her feed because she is always sharing a new bit of adventure that will transport you to far away places.





  1. Brenda says:

    Thank you for spotlighting Maria. I too follow her on Instagram and not only appreciate all of her beautiful finds but the artistic vignettes she puts together. She is always so positive; it seems her art is a reflection of her beautiful personality!

  2. Brynne@The Gathered Home says:

    How did I miss this wonderful post?! (Okay, I know how – life is so crazy right now.) I’m so glad you pulled this together! I absolutely love Maria’s Instagram account and it’s so neat to get to know the woman behind the camera a little better! Thank you, Maria, for sharing! <3

    • That happens to me all the time, sometimes I think my IG feed is not showing everyone’s posts so I go over to their feed and they have posted like five pictures I haven’t even seen. Any way, Maria is amazing! She was very modest about her work but I think it’s spectacular. Glad you feel the same.

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