That Time Being an #MOSChairJunkie Really Paid Off! – Vol. 3


First of all, if you are new here let me explain what exactly an #MOSChairJunkie is. A while back I started a hashtag on Instagram #MOSChairJunkie.I started the hashtag because I love chairs but hashtag is for anyone who loves chairs and would like to share their great chairs. Whether you bought it, passed it up or just ran across one you’d love to have tag it #MOSChairJunkie so we can all enjoy it. All chairs are welcome and now and then I share my favorites here on the blog.

This week before I get to #MOSChairJunkie favorites I want to share a find of my own and tell you how being an #MOSChairJunkie really paid off…

I ran across this great chair in a thrift store I has never visited before. It was in small town I drive through about once a month and the store was a mix of garage sale finds and a few nice pieces. I was being very well-behaved that day and while I took a picture to share I didn’t even ask the price. I didn’t need another chair but it was vintage and I thought it was good design. I posted the picture to on Instagram and of course tagged it #MOSChairJunkie and almost immediately I had people asking if the chair was available for sale.

Hmmm, I may have something here. I did a little research and lo and behold I had found Alvar Alto Tank Chair. Oh no, I had passed on an Alvar Alto Tank Chair. Would it still be there when I went back? I had a ton on a appointments that week and knew I couldn’t get back for a few days so I crossed my fingers and waited. Meanwhile I’m finding some pretty crazy listing for these chairs ranging from $1,200 to $9,000.

Tank Chairtank chair 2

Finally the day comes I can go back for the chair. I walk in and it is still there… The dealer say to me “that is a very expensive chair.” Errr, she knows what she’s got so I ask “How much?” I nearly passed out when she responds “$40.” SOLD!


Long story short I decided to resell the chair online to one of the interested parties for $1,000. While some of the prices I had seen online where much higher they include a cut for the auction house or vendor. I knew my buyer loved this chair and had been hunting one he could afford so since I got a great deal my buyer got a great deal too. Now I can go out and buy more chairs and maybe I’ll find another needle in a haystack to help me rationalize being and total #MOSChairJunkie!

Now for a few follower favorites…

I love chinoiserie and I love color so you know I think moonfieldstudio nailed it with this find.


How about these Mod beauties shared by modbeachhouse? What a great profile!


Brightgreendoor didn’t thrift this beauty it’s from Lamps Plus! Thrifting not required here, all chairs are welcome and this one would definitely be welcome at my house.


Mellabobella found this cozy chair which she’s dubbed her Goldilocks chair because it is “just right,” I agree!


Thriftedriches shared this perfect set of dining chairs, but her feed is full of amazing chairs so I’m not surprised.


What about this cutie Erin_coleen spotted at Goodwill, during the Superbowl no less, for just $29.99? SCORE!


This one from Kristin at farm_mama_15 was a catch and release but she felt she had to share the beauty of this amazing upholstery. Pretty bad ass!


Katie at thewhitehousegirls_katie, like me is an admitted chair hoarder, but really when you run across a beauty like this how can you say no?


Brynne at the_gathered_home my #thriftscorethursday friend and “junking” soul sister always finds the greatest treasures and these tow are no exception…


So it turns our there are quite a few #MOSChairJunkies out there on Instagram and as long as you guys continue to share your finds with me, I will continue to share a few of them with you.

Feel free to play along.

Now get out there and start chair spotting!



  1. michelewesdock says:

    What an amazing deal!!! You can buy loads of new chairs with that payoff 🙂 Thanks a bunch for featuring my chair. Lots of chair eye candy here!

    • Thank you for sharing! Yes an amazing deal but even then you must find the right buyer. The stars really aligned on this one.

  2. thanks for the intro to white house girls! following them now- love their feed!

    • Down the rabbit hole… That’s awesome, I find some of the best feeds that way. One great one leads to another and before you know it I’m following ten new feeds.

    • They are some pretty great thrifters, glad to share!

  3. Oh my word! What an incredible story of your find – those are always the most fun and adrenaline-pumping moments! So glad it was still there for you when you went back! And thank you for including my chairs – they’re going to need work, which will probably take me a while, but I know they’ll be worth it in the end!

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