It’s Friday, High Five!

Komar-1Photo via Annabelle

Guess what guys? I’m on a three-day vacation all by myself! Well, maybe not technically a vacation. For the next three days I’m road tripping around, shopping for new/old goodies for the store, and probably one or two for myself with no one to worry about but me. I guess technically this is a work trip but since I love my job and I don’t have to do any laundry for three whole days it totally feels like a vacation. High-five to that! Hope the junking gods will be smiling on me this weekend, wish me luck!

Here are a few more high-fives for the week…


1.I love the wallpaper mural featured above but unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find it in the US market. Maybe I could talk one of my European friends into shipping one over for me…

2. Martin Molin a Sweden-based musician has spent the last 14 months working on a musical instrument that uses marbles to play both melody and rhythm. I am yet again amazed by the genius of creativity check THIS out!

3. Speaking of pop art, have you seen the work of Milan based artist Olimpia Zagnoli? I’ll take a print of any one of her designs!

4. Ready for a new Target collaboration? How about Marimekko For Target arriving in stores April

5.  Italian artist Silvia Zacchello takes to furniture to share her art, you know I love a great chair!

Have a great weekend,





  1. Maggie, I’ve looked up the wallpaper mural, and it’s only 22.40 € on! 😀×202-1-tlg/dp/B0085B2SU6

    • Ahh man, I could have gotten one while I was there. Maybe I could get one of my friends still living there to ship one over for me. It was available on Amazon UK (where I could read it) but the he seller doesn’t ship to the U.S.

      • I think getting one of your friends to ship one to you would be best. If things are as I remember them, it’s cheaper for army people to mail stuff to the US than using Deutsche Post (I checked, and the postage would be almost double than the price of the mural!)

        • You’re sweet to check. Yes the one perk we get living overseas is that shipping back and forth costs the same as shipping within the US.

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