DIY Color Block Bentwood Chair


My daughter’s room is finally done! Don’t get too excited just yet, this isn’t the reveal post but a quick DIY on the last addition to her room. You may remember a few week ago I posted a DIY desk makeover that would be going into her new room. Well with a new smaller desk the last thing we needed was a petite chair to match. Luckily I just so happen to run across this super cute bent wood chair at the thrift shop for only $10. (It had a white vinyl seat attached as well but I took it off before this photo.)


The moment I spotted this chair I immediately thought of the photo I posted a few weeks ago for my Friday, High-Five of Nick and Amber Will’s, of Wills Casa, dining room. The chairs in their dining room were perfect right down to the colors so I was inspired to do the same to my little thrift store find. ( I didn’t even think to look if they had a tutorial on how they did theirs until today, turns out we took totally different approaches so if you want a second opinion you can find it HERE)

Photo via Wills Casa

I am a spray paint girl, I love the smooth finish it allows and the quick drying time so for this project I used Krylon CoverMaxx paints. (I would also like to say this is NOT a sponsored post but Krylon spray paint gets my vote as one of my favorite.) For the color blocking I used Black, White and Mambo Pink all in a satin finish.


Here’s how it went…

1.My bent wood chair was black when I bought it but there were a few scratches so I gave it a light sanding and an all over coat of black satin just to start with a good even base letting it dry completely before moving on.

2.The next step is to block off any areas of the chair you want to remain black. I used painters tape to get a nice even line around the legs and back the rest of the chair I wrapped in paper. Let me remind you that the spray paint is fine enough to get through even small cracks in the tape so pay close attention that you don’t have any gaps especially where  two pieces of bent wood come together. (If you are concerned about this you can make you lines higher or lower so you are only taping around one piece of bent wood.)

3.Once all the areas have been masked off you are ready for the next color, in this case the white, which I wanted on the bottoms of the legs and in a single stripe across the back.

4.Once the white is completely dry you then tape off the sections you want to remain white. Notice the legs are now covered and another strip of tape have been added along the back.

5.Now spray the exposed areas with your pink.

6.Once it has dried you can remove all tape and masking and voilà, you have a color blocked chair!

Since my chair came with an upholstered seat I also chose to recover the seat with a bold geometric print fabric to complete the look.

Have a little sneak peek of it in the room. If you look closely you can see that I used the same fabric on the curtains.


Stop by next week for the full room reveal, it’s going to be a good one…


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  1. Debbie says:

    Very cool indeed! Love what you’ve done!

  2. it looks awesome! i am a long time fan of amber’s chairs!!

  3. Maggie, your chairs look downright delicious! Love the top picture, with the chairs and the patterns … so good! 😀


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