Crushing on Encuastic Cement Tiles

1Photo via Consort

I know you’ve seen them, actually people have been seeing them for hundreds of years, all over the world. They go by a variety of names but here in the U.S. they are most often called Cuban tiles. Whatever you want to call them, Encuastic Cement Tiles are making a big come back and are now gracing magazine covers and websites everywhere. Being a huge fan of pattern and color these pretty tiles have totally caught my eye and have me crushing hard.

So what are these cement tile anyway? Well have a look…

You can see the tiles are produced by using different colors of clay, so that the patterns you see are integral to the tiles rather than glazed onto the surface. That means the pattern will never wear off. To the top pattern layer a cement backing is added to provide strength. You can see from the video that each tile is hand-made and one of a kind.

The tradition of Encaustic Cement Tiles is to create interlocking 4 tile designs, by rotating every tile 90 degrees to form a single unit. When laid side by side, these 4 tile squares also form an interlocking pattern. Field tiles are often surrounded by coordinating border tiles to create a rug-like design on the floor of solid color tiles.

In the recent past you might think of these bold patterned tiles used mainly in bohemian and ethic design but lately designers are incorporating them into everything from farmhouses to sleek, modern lofts. On floor, walls, fireplaces, these bold beauties are making quite an impact!

Have a look at some amazing uses of  Encaustic Cement Tiles and see what has me so excited…

Photo via Suzy Hoodless

H3DSW101_Tile-Backsplash-Open-Shelving_s4x3.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.966.725Photo via HGTV

wink-on-four-dove-milk-entryway-floorPhoto via Popham Design

static1.squarespace.comPhoto via Erin Williamson Design

hicksonian-bathroom-floorPhoto via Popham Design

KB_06Photo via D Magazine

01Photo via Jessica Helgerston Interior Design

Photo via Popham Design


  1. Kellie says:

    Thinking about getting this tile for my kitchen. Which do you like best?

  2. Kellie says:

    I do love the hex. I really like this one too…
    It’s more expensive than I thought it would though. Yikes!

    • They are each individually handmade so they are not cheap but you may shop around and find a better price.

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