15 Great Nightstands for under $300

Recently we ordered a new mattress which means I thinks it is about time to start getting the master bedroom in order, which of course means lots of online hunting and shopping to decide which direction I want to go in. This week I have been hunting nightstands and I have to say the variety is endless. Because we are moving up to a king size bed which will add a lot of weight to the middle of the room I have been hunting a pair of nightstand that are  up off the ground and a little more open and airy so that I don’t get the look of a giant wall of furniture. Have a look at a few of my favorites all under $300.


Which one is your favorite? Many of the painted ones come in a variety of colors. I am loving the ones with the gold accents, if #2 was a little larger I would be in love!


  1. I’m partial to the plain Jane #4. #14 reminds me of an old TV stand. Overall, my favorite would actually be #3, especially if you could paint the inset shelf a bright pop of color!

  2. jannike says:

    Thank you! I’ve been searching for a new nightstand forever. This gives me something to work with. I love no. 9

    • Hunting a night stand is hard work! I have been looking for a while and finding the right proportions has been the toughest part, I feel like Goldilocks…

    • You’re Welcome Jannike, No. 9 is nice because it has great storage.

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