“So I Married a Blogger”

DSC06212Circa 2015

On Friday, in honor of Valentine’s Day, Claire Brody Designs hosted a series called “So I Married a Blogger” where she and twenty other design bloggers posed questions to their husbands about what it’s like to be married to a blogger. These posts were so hysterical, I read every single one. Then I got to thinking, how would my own husband answer these questions? Does he even have a clue what’s on my blog and what I do all day? So I decided to ask…

img018Circa 1996

But before I get to his answers maybe you’d like to know a little about Chuck. We met in 1995 when he was serving in the Army in Oklahoma and I was a student at LSU. His sister was engaged to my roommate’s brother (you can try to figure out that connection later.) We had met a couple of times but really hit it off at their October wedding. In March when Chuck was in Louisiana visiting he called me up and asked me on a date, the rest is history. We got married in 1997 when he was 23 and I was 22 (stop calculating please, I’m oldish) and I have to say we are a perfect match.

IMG_1151 Army Ball Circa 2008

Being a military guy you’d think Chuck would be a “type A” sort of personality but he is anything but. He is totally laid back and actually probably married me so I would run the show and he could just sit back and relax (I’m a total control freak.)  Our marriage works because where I am weak he is strong and vice versa. He is always supportive of what I am doing and is constantly telling me how proud he is of me and over all is a damn great husband!

Oh and just for the record he loves a costume just as much as I do…

That middle costume is “Bad Tooth-fairy” in case you were wondering.

So all that being said let’s see what Chuck REALLY thinks. His answers follow the questions in bold. My defense follows in italics.

1. How involved are you with Maggie’s blog?

She has a blog?

Really though, I’m not involved much just what I see when it posts on Facebook.

A devoted fan I see.

2. How often do you read the blog? Are you an avid reader or do you see enough at home?

Maybe two or three times. I see the results at home.

Again so much adoration!

3. How much time does Maggie spend on her blog? What are her hours like?

3-4 hours a day from 0530-0630 and 1600-1900

For those of you not on military time (me included) that would be 5:30 -6:30 am and 4 -7 pm but usually I’m taking pictures during the day when everyone is out of the house and actually working on the projects that will be on the blog. I get up at 5:30 am almost every day because I like to have the hour of peace before everyone gets up.

4. Are you the cheap manual labor or is there hired help for that? In other words, does Maggie use you for your handy work?

I am “allowed” to help lift and move as long as I don’t speak or recommend anything.

He is good at heavy lifting, and so quiet. But honestly, we have done projects together but we always decide beforehand who is the foreman, if you are the foreman it is your project and you get to make the decisions. See I have proof, I let Chuck use the jack hammer once… Okay the jack hammer was really heavy so I called in the heavy lifter.

149771_462335312267_428032_n Circa 2010

5. Describe Maggie’s style.

Very nice

I have to agree!

6. Describe your style.

Not as nice as Maggie’s

Chuck’s style is Dead Animal Chic but I try to keep them confined to his man cave. He is a great flea market partner though even if his tastes tend to be way more expensive than mine. (Dead animals ain’t cheap!)

7. How often does your home change?

More than it stays the same. If it doesn’t change things feel weird.

Variety is the spice of life!

8. How many different sofas have you had since marrying Maggie?

Maggie has purchased 8-12… I think.

The number is actually 6 (well seven if you count a small love seat I bought for my store but was never actually had at the house.) I would like to point out that 3 of the 6 are still in use at our current house and one I got for free out of the garbage which really shouldn’t count. But please don’t ask him how many chairs I’ve bought because I would probably be guilty as charged. 

9. How often do you offer decorating advice?  Does she consider your opinion?

I don’t, it’s not allowed. It doesn’t have an opinion.

If your confused by the second part of this answer its a “Silence of the Lamb” reference. I mean it’s not like I keep him in a well or anything. I do consider his opinion though, if I didn’t the house would be filled with really cool uncomfortable chairs, lots of them!

10. What’s your favorite room in the house?  Why?

Whatever room Maggie is currently working on. It has the freshest look and she’s normally in it.

11. What does it really look like behind the camera?

Much better of course. Maggie is beautiful in case you haven’t noticed.

He’s sweet, but usually there is a big mess behind the camera because it has been moved out from in front of the camera.

12. What is a project that you hate but have never voiced (or maybe you have)?

The plastic monogrammed plates. They looked cheap.

These were called Preppy Plates an item I sold in my store in Alabama. If you didn’t know in Alabama you put your monogram on EVERYTHING but to Chuck’s credit I did not sell very many of these.

13. Do you know of Maggie’s blogger friends? If so, who’s your favorite?

Maggie has blogger friends all over the place. I can’t keep up.

I usually refer them as “my blogger friend in ____” so I don’t really expect him to know anyone’s name.

14. What’s your favorite aspect of Maggie being a blogger?

It keeps her busy and a busy Maggie is a happy Maggie and a happy wife is a happy life. Least favorite? It takes her away from the family for so many long hours.

It’s true, I feel terrible when I don’t have a project going.

15. What are your household chores?

I cook, do dishes, cut the grass, wash the cars, clean the rooms, vacuum, help the kids with their homework,… pretty much everything except the laundry, I hate the laundry.

Chuck does do a lot, if I ask for help he’s pretty willing. But by washing the cars he means washing his own car which is new and shiny. Mine is a clunker I use for hauling things from the thrift store and he does not wash it because he says there is no satisfaction in it.

He is a great cook and usually cooks two or three times a week but sometimes the kitchen needs a scrub down when he’s done.

He does hate folding laundry so I use it as a bargaining tool, “If you’ll unload the dishwasher, I’ll fold the laundry.” Works every time!

IMG_0001Chuck and Will mowing the lawn Circa 2007

16. What’s something about Maggie that her readers might not know (but she would be okay with you sharing)?

Maggie can’t stand if I have a “stray” hair and if I have one she sneaks up and plucks it whether I want her too or not.

Okay boys have weird hairs growing out of weird places like the top of their ear or the side of their neck If I had a big hair growing out of my ear I would want someone to pull it out!

17. What does Maggie REALLY want for Valentine’s Day, and what are you getting her? Maggie wants to go to the movies to see Zoolander II. That’s what she is getting.

I’m looking at the movie schedule now…

And look at this we have Blue Steel, Magnum, and Le Tigre mastered at our house.

A video posted by Maggie (@maggieoverbystudios) on

IMG_4639Leaving Germany 2015

So now we know. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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  1. Nr. 10 is my favourite! <3 Happy Valentine's Day to you guys! 😀

  2. Maggie, this was one of my favorite ones I read! 🙂 And, I’m totally using that bargaining tool thing since I already do every drop of laundry, too. Good one.

    • Haha Your welcome to steal it. A girls gotta do what a girls got to do to survive. I see your an early riser like me even on the weekends. Gotta start wrangling for church and I have to wrangle myself first.

  3. Karen says:

    You two are adorable!

  4. so fun that you joined in!!! loved reading this and you guys really do seem like the best match!

    • I could not resist Cassie, I loved these posts! Chuck and I definitely balance each other out which makes for a good match. Don’t get me wrong we have our moments, sometimes opposites butt heads, but I love that guy!

  5. Thanks for joining in, this was so fun! And those costumes are amazing!

    • Thanks Gwen, I Loved this post so much I couldn’t help myself. As for the costumes, Halloween is my favorite holiday and I generally go way over board getting the costumes together. Thanks for stopping by.

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