Making the Bed – Mattresses and 10 Great Duvet Covers

Last weekend we did something pretty exciting, we went and tried out mattresses (did I just hear a collective groan?) I know this is not very exciting but we did it. I felt a lot like Goldilocks, to hard, too soft, but my husband and I finally found a bed that was “just right.” With hundreds mattresses out there to choose from this can be a daunting task.

We went to some of the big mattress stores first but actually ended up buying the new mattress from a local manufacturer, Best Mattress, that custom makes the mattress just for you. We ended up going with the Wentworth a hybrid mattress with a micro coil base and a latex and memory foam top. We like this option because it had the form-fitting quality of the memory foam without being too dense and the support of a coil mattress without the bounce. We also really liked the new latex mattresses but long-term wear data on these mattresses is still unknown since they are so new to the market. We decided on the hybrid just to be safe and because we liked them equally. We are so excited to get the new mattress home but being made to order also means you have to wait two weeks while it is produced. The perk, because we ordered straight from the manufacturer we got the equivalent mattress we would have gotten from a name brand for half the price.

Now that we had found the mattress we liked best the next decision was the size. We have slept on a queen mattress for the last 15 year and I am fine with it but my husband who goes through bouts of insomnia thought a king might help him get a better night sleep. after much discussion we took the plunge and went bigger.

Well oh darn, now I have to buy all new bedding right down to the pillow cases. I hate it when that happen!

So I’ve been shopping around and have found some really beautiful duvet covers, some are just dreams ($$$) and a few I’m actually going to give a try. I’m not sure what direction I’ll be going in yet but I’m going to have a lot of fun finding out…


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