It’s Friday, High-Five!

FairviewPhoto Via AnalogDialog

Busy week this week! Okay so it seems like it’s always a busy week, but this week was different I actually got a lot I needed to do done!

Today I’m making a big run to the shop with a car load of new pillows and big and small home decor items. I am finishing up a few task there that I have meant to finish since I opened and thanks to the January Cure 2016 I’ve been marking things off my to-do list left and right. Getting all these things done has meant a great since of accomplishment for me but what I’m more excited about is feeling a lot less stress and having a lot more time to relax now that the weekend is here. High-Five!

Here are a few more high-fives for the week…

friday1.The photo above from designer Chris Nguyen’s Fairview Portfolio, full of mid-century and color and totally up my alley!

2. Has any one checked out the new app A Color Story by A Beautiful Mess? It’s a photo editing app to help create images in bright, beautiful, color. I admit it, I bought the full version right away (even though you can use some of the app for free) can’t wait to experiment with it some this weekend.

3. Does this face look familiar? You may have seen it on the wall at a trendy restaurant, on a plate, or even a candle and while the art is the work of Piero Fornasetti’s the face is real is Lina Cavalieri, check out the story of the girl behind the wallpaper, and while you’re at it check out the Fornasetti website, amazing!

4. Sometimes shopping the children’s section pays off. Land of Nod offers a lot of style at a much smaller price in their spotlight pendant.

5. How about these flowers embroidered on the strings of vintage rackets? These are the creation of artist Danielle Clough in her What a Racket collection and are so much fun. You might even say they’ve got game! (Oh, I crack myself up.)

Have a great weekend!





  1. Helen Holley says:

    Thanks Maggie! Going to check these out right now!

  2. Helen Holley says:

    Really facinating story and untold history about the girl behind the wallpaper!
    Y’all should check this out!

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