Deck the Halls with Vintage


Hey guys today I wanted to share a couple of spaces in the new house in South Carolina you haven’t seen before, the halls!

I know halls don’t sound very exciting but I tried to give these hallways a little flare. Lets have a look back at where it all began, lots of brown and beige and I don’t know if you can see it but a lovely boob light (always a favorite, Not!)


I started with a coat of Valspar Swiss Coffee on the upper part of the wall and Valspar Quail Egg for the trim and area below the chair rail. These colors are a bright white and a creamy white which are much more to my liking than those muddy browns. I used a similar color scheme in the man cave which is right off this entry hall.


Remember this is a rental house and all the trim in the house is the creamy white Quail Egg so rather than repaint the trim in the entire house I chose to roll with it. The results of this easy update made the halls much brighter. Big improvement!


Now for the flare!

Our main entry hall is a nice size with enough room for a few pieces of furniture and a 5’x7′ rug, so I used my Dash and Albert ZigZag hooked Rug as inspiration. This rug has lots of color so I pulled the pink and orange to brighten things up, painting the inside of our front door Valspar Frosty Berry and adding lots of my favorite vintage furniture and accessories.


One of my favorite pair of vintage chairs work perfectly in this space.


One of my favorite updates was getting rid of the boob light. Sure I’ll have lots of lights to switch back when we move out but these vintage marbled glass fixtures with silk tassels I bought in Germany are so great it will be worth it. Plus the tassel light is kind of an ironic replacement for the boob light, so that always makes me smile.

Have a look up close and you’ll see how amazing it is.

PicMonkey Collage

Since our house is a rancher our second hallway which leads to the bedrooms is a pleasant surprise. Normally this age house (built-in the 80’s) would not have such an ample space, just a long narrow hall, but ours has a nice wide opening at the end that connects all the bedrooms and the hall bath.


Here I hung a second marbled glass fixture which is not a perfect match but very similar and hung a gallery of my collection of German lithographs. Guys, we bought a LOT of stuff in Germany! (Tear, I miss it so much.) Most everything (except the book-case) I bought at the markets and thrift stores in Germany.


And of course no room is complete without a few pieces of West German Pottery…


And, there is a peak at the last room that needs to be completed, the master bedroom. Flooded with light it doesn’t look too bad but if you really look close you can see the half pealed wallpaper border I am dreading. Arrggh, lets not think about that, right now. Instead let’s look at that West German Pottery again.


Yes much better! Maybe I will sleep in the hall for a while…


  1. love it, maggie! you always have such great artwork!

    • Thanks Cassie, I am a huge fan of flea market/ thrift store art so none of them were very expensive. The large piece in the entry hall I actually got at a garage sale in New Orleans. I think the sellers were starving art students so I only paid $8. Total bargain!

  2. Debbie says:

    This is lovely, especially the door color, but I do have to ask….what did you do with the hvac vent that was in the ceiling above the pink door? It’s so obvious on the before photo and disappears in the after. Even if t is photoshopped out, it looks great!

    • Haha Debbie, you caught me! Good eye. Photoshop to the rescue. Now, if only I could Photoshop all the ugliness out of my life.

      • Debbie says:

        I have some ugly 1920’s radiators I’d love to photoshop out of my house….should get the engineer husband to inventing that magic!

  3. So good! Those lights are incredible! Germany seems like it must have been a vintage smorgasbord. Hopefully there is *some* good thrifting in South Carolina. I have gotten lucky with some finds around my neck of the woods, but we really only have 2 decent thrift stores, and Craigslist is like no man’s land most of the time. If only every fast food joint were to be replaced with a reasonably priced vintage shop, I think I’d be in heaven!

    • Oh Britt, I can’t tell you how awesome it was. I think the younger German’s liked a sleek clean modern look so there are lots of great mid century and vintage pieces available for amazing prices if you knew where to look.I was so spoiled! As for South Carolina, I’m still searching for the honey pot. I get lucky every now and then but haven’t found any great spots to shop for a great bargain.But don’t worry I haven’t given up, still on the hunt!

  4. Love the artwork!! Those paintings of the people are soooo pretty! The light and door color are just awesome too!

  5. Stephanie @ Casa Watkins says:

    SOOOO beautiful!!! I grew up in Germany…military Dad…and miss it so much too! German styling has a lot of smaller framed furniture mostly but there are plenty of large mother pretty much bought them all haha. Adore your global flair. From the German furniture, to the pottery, and artwork not to mention THAT RUG!! Brilliant.

    • Oh Stephanie I bought most of Germany myself, so many great markets and thrift stores! Small world, we are a military family too (my husband is an Army Helicopter pilot.) We lived very near to Nurnberg. Moving to Germany was an amazing adventure and will definitely be hard to top.

  6. Stephanie @ Casa Watkins says:

    Whoops and thanks for sharing with us at Your Home Decor and More Link Party! Seriously looking forward to following along with your posts and see what you share next month. 🙂

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