It’s Friday, High-Five!

meekfeature-1-1024x655Photo via Magnolia

Well Guys I have to tell you this week was pretty uneventful. Now that may not sound very exciting to you but to me it has been a big relief. After a busy holiday season and last week’s appointmentpalooza I gladly welcomed a week of ho-hum. I only had one or two appointments week so I was able to take a day to go check on my store which has been open about two months now and its actually doing quite well. I even sold enough product to make my first months rent. So high-five to that! My non-hectic week meant I even had time to finish a book and spend a day with my husband who had the day off from work. Ahhh it’s nice to have a moment to relax. High-Five!

Here are a few more high-fives for the week…


1.Are you a Fixer Upper fan? Well check out Season 3, Episode 6 where they take on the Meek’s House and transform a barn into a functional and practical home, so great!

2.If you have ever done embroidery you know it’s quite an intricate art, last week I shared the embroidery art of Sarah K Benning but this week I found the mother lode, 18 Embroidery Instagram feeds you must follow.

3. You know I’m a huge Fat lava/West German Pottery fan so when I found these prints from ModernByHayley I fell in love.

4. You know I love color but check out these albino animals that are even more beautiful than their colorful counter parts.

5. I have this thing for campers, I don’t particularly want to stay in one but I love the design of them and this little Hütte Hut teardrop caravan might just be one of the most beautiful designs I’ve ever seen.

Have a Great Weekend,


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