It’s Friday, High-Five!

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Who else had their ass kicked by the first week of 2016?

If you’re like me you put off all the “fun stuff” until after the holiday which meant this week was full of vet visits, doctors appointment, and haircuts, you know, the “fun stuff.” Every single day this week has been filled (did you notice I have been a little absent?) While I was running around crazy all week there really didn’t seem to be a high-five in sight. Mostly I was exhausted and trying to keep everything straight. But guys I got all that ‘fun stuff” done! (or at least scheduled) I can mark it off the list and that is one of my very favorite things…High-Five!

Here are a few more high-fives for the week…friday


1.The home above of Paddo to Palmy founder and creator, Heidi Correa is so full of light and art it can’t help but make you smile. See the rest of the tour at Lottie is Loving

2. The January Cure at Apartment Therapy, because I need more to do… I’m going to give it a go. I accomplished so much last year and this year I could really use a jump-start on the organization so I’m going to spend the weekend catching up on my projects.(I’ll share how it’s going next week.)

3. This tongue in cheek article on fashion ads had me cracking up. Looking Bad Is The New Looking Good will give you some insight on why all that glamorous apparel is on models made to look sad/greasy/hostile, you name it… (credit to my sister for sending me this one.)

4. Sarah K. Benning’s  shop on Etsy that she started to earn a little extra income has turned into much, much more and it’s no surprise when you see the embroidery rings she fills with beautifully stitched plant life.

5. 11 of The Most Magical Houses In The Entire World, need I say more?

Have a great weekend,



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