High Five, It’s 2016!

2016Happy New Year Everyone! 2015 was a crazy one for me, with an international move, a new store, new house, new school, new state. Holy cow I’m exhausted just thinking about it. When the holidays rolled around this year I felt like I just needed to keep it together through the end of the year and I’d be home free.

Well, it’s 2016 and I made it. I know it’s a fantasy to think that means I’ll be able to rest and relax but do I feel a great weight has been lifted and I am truly looking forward to 2016. We have been traveling for the holidays but today we are headed home so we can have a weekend of rest (and laundry) before getting back to work. I have lots of plans for the new year and am excited to get things rolling (so much for relaxing right?) I have a few projects already in the works that I’m dying to get started. I also have a few resolutions, like getting back to my regular exercise routine and losing a few of these Christmas pounds that I had so much fun putting on. So, as much as I’d like a rest, I’m ready to get this party started, high-five to 2016!

Here are a few more high-fives to start off your new year…


skatechurch-6Photo via This is Colossal

1. The church above in Spain, was abandoned for years and crumbling from neglect but Church Brigade saved it, with help from online fundraising and Red Bull. The church was salvaged and turned into a public skate park dubbed Kaos Temple. Love to see great architecture revitalized.

2. In Honor of New Years…5 Things you don’t know about Champagne, but should! This may have been more helpful yesterday…

3. West Elm has 25% off select lighting and their Acrylic Framework Chandelier is on of them, might be a good way to spend that Christmas money.

4. This sculpted back leather Bergerina Chair for Architema by Helen Ann Murray,  a true work of art.

5. What I bought with my Christmas money, Micheal Kors, Flex Leopard-Print Pumps

Happy 2016!


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