Merry Christmas 2015

Merry Christmas everyone! Since I didn’t order enough cards to send to all of you so I wanted to send you one here.

It has been a while since I’ve sent out Christmas cards. Every year I start with good intentions. I’m going to have a nice picture taken of the family, I’m going to order nice cards, I’m going to get them in the mail early enough to get to everyone before Christmas but a lot of the time this just hasn’t happened. This year I finally got it together, well almost.

I selected a map inspired card from Minted since we just moved, I even ordered them in plenty of time.  The photo, however, might be an epic fail.

Christmas 2015

This not so perfect photo was taken at the Christmas party for my husband’s unit. They had an ugly sweater contest so we wore our matching Just Chillin’ sweaters. I don’t think are especially ugly but they match so we got extra points for that. We ended up winning second place to a 7-year-old in full elf attire. (How were we supposed to compete with that?) In the end we won a $15 Wendy’s gift certificate, all she got was an IPod, so everyone went home happy.

The photo is not particularly flattering, I had to scan it into digital format so the color is kind of off, and Will’s eyes are closed but this was the only photo I had so I decided to use it anyway. I added some mustaches to match our sweaters and express the fact that I knew it was a goofy picture. I even felt inclined to include a note about the ugly sweater contest. I kind of felt bad about not sending a nice professional photo but then I got to thinking, sure I’d love everyone to think we are perfectly quaffed everyday but really this is probably more accurate. We are a little wrinkled and our hair could use a brush and Will closes his eyes all the time so maybe this is the best picture ever. Perfectly imperfect!

Our friends and family already know we are not perfect so I don’t think they’ll mind.

What about you, do you mind? Hopefully you can love me anyway.

Merry Christmas

Hope you look as smashing as we do in the New Year,






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