It’s Friday, High Five!


Never sign the first line on the volunteer sign up sheet! I learned that the hard way. When I signed up to help with the 5th grade Christmas party way back in August I thought that I just needed to bring a snack, pour punch, and help the room mom out. Well turns out that sign up sheet was a way to trick new parents into throwing the class Christmas party. This week I’m planning an hour and a half worth of games crafts and food for 16 fifth grader. Don’t get me wrong you know I love this kind of stuff but I generally like to start planning more than a week and a half out. Fortunately there are a few mom’s helping out (the ones that knew better than to sign the first line) and things are coming together. Last night the kids and I constructed 16 graham cracker house for the kids to decorate and snack and prizes are all prepped. so high-five for that.  The bigger high-five, next year I’ll know to sign the bottom line.


Of course we had to do a few test houses. Katie’s is on the left and Will’s is to the right, his roof is supposed to say “Santa” but the icing didn’t dry fast enough.

Here are a few more high-fives for the week…

friday1. The Blogger Stylin’ Christmas Home Tours hosted by Lindsay of The White Buffalo Styling Co, 37 bloggers are all sharing how they’ve decked their halls for the season. So many beautiful homes in so many styles something is bound to inspire your holiday decorating.

2. This short film on the  Undeveloped World War II Film Discovered by the The Rescued Film Project. During World War II, an unidentified American soldier filled 31 rolls of film with photos that he never got to, or had cause to, see developed. Over 70 years later, The Rescued Film Project acquired these rolls and painstakingly developed them in a kitchen sink

3. I’m not one of those people who is totally in love with Disney but I do think a trip to Disney is something everyone should do at least once.  We took the kids before our move to Germany since we lived just a few hours away and the one thing we bought was a pair of mouse ears for each kid. When I saw that Missoni was Collaberating with Disney I was a little bummed these were not the ears I came home with.

4. Tassels made from pine needles! I have a whole yard full of them, why didn’t I think of this?

5.  Ashley Miles has taken her love hunting for vintage treasures and turned it into art. When she ran out of room to store her collection she took to mounting it in Plexiglas boxes and displaying as art. I think I may have to join her…

Have a great weekend,


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