It’s Friday, High Five!

8bfb82b1fa70c8591697628731d318c8Photo via Mid Mod Mich

Is it Friday already? I’m running a little late this evening but I didn’t forget about you. This week has been busy with holiday preparations, decorating, shopping, party planning and even attending a few. Christmas is only 21 day away, and I still have a ton to do between now and then. On the bright side, I got the tree up and the mantle decorated (I’ll share more on this next week.) I even managed to get some work done on my retail space including a DIY filled tree (I’ll share some of that too.) Tomorrow’s plan, get some decor up on the outside of the house. The hubby even volunteered to help. High-five to that!

Here are a few more high-fives I found this week…

friday1. Aletha’s Grand Haven, Michigan mid-century restoration above is a work of art, true to the homes mid-century root with just enough modern to make it feel homey. I want to move in!

2. The documentary September Issue about Anna Wintour, the legendary editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine for twenty years is on my list this weekend for streaming. I know exactly what I’m doing Sunday afternoon!

3. You think you’ve seen some crazy hair do’s? How about a little Big Hair Don’t Care from the 60’s. I think I some pictures of my mom with a few of these do’s.

4. Korean artist Choi So Young is painting with denim. Using second-hand jeans Young re-purposes their pockets, seams, belt loops and buttons, to create windows, streets and buildings of her multi media landscapes.

5. The ‘Cirrata’ lamp series by Swedish designer Markus Johansson. It has been referred to as an octopus but I think they looks more like a jelly fish, either way they are pretty dang cool!

Have great weekend,





  1. Hi Maggie,
    Thanks so much for sharing our home! Your kind words just made my day!!! Sending you some holiday cheer to Germany

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