It’s Friday, High Five

81e6b27380d59a29b639145afbcd953aPhoto via Amie Corely

Less than a week until Thanksgiving, Is everyone ready? I am especially since I won’t be the one cooking and I am ready for a little vacation. I’ve had a busy week. I’m frantically trying to get things together to fill my new store (pictures soon guys,) I have been sewing costumes for an all out Colonial Day at my son’s school that required full costume for everyone attending, and on top of that I’ve come down with a yucky cold that has me exhausted. So today being the end of this week is a big high-five. Next week is rest, some Atlanta shopping, and hopefully lots of good food, high-five to that!

And since I figured I can stand a little embarrassment for your enjoyment, the Colonial costumes I made for this weeks activities. My husband and son felt they needed to look stern in the second photo since they always look that way in old photos. I guess they forgot that there were no cameras in Colonial America, but oh well.

and a few more high-fives from around the web…


  1. The photo above of the most amazing office by Amie Corely keeps popping up on my social media feeds. I spotted it first on Amie’s Instagram and fell in love. I have a smaller bank of book shelves that look very similar to these every time this picture pops up I feel inspired to add an accent color to them!
  2.   Okay this ones just for fun. Check out these photos where 500 sheep go completely undetected. Who knew lamboflauge was a thing?
  3. These stunning wall hung circular terrariums created by Kim Fisher are so cool, wonder if I could keep one alive?
  4. I just missed this, It’s like the Rose Parade dedicated to Van Gogh. In September the Netherlands hosted an over-the-top flower parade featuring floats inspired by Van Gogh that are one, amazing, and two decorated completely with flowers. This parade commemorated the 125th anniversary of Vincent Van Gogh’s death.
  5. Feeling inspired by Amie Core’s office design and can’t find those amazing vintage chairs, these metal frame chairs from West Elm might do the trick.

    Have a great weekend,






  1. Your husband … still a babyface! 😀

    • Yes he does have a baby face, which is good for him but not so good for me when I start looking my age and he still looks 30.

  2. Just wanted to tell you that I love your High-Five-Posts on Fridays.
    Get well, soon!
    xx, Stephanie
    P.S.: great to see you’re happy back in the US

    • Thanks Stephanie, glad you enjoy it! I’m always running across something fun I’d like to share but I’m never sure if others feel the same.

      • Oh, don’t worry, they are always great, like Stephanie I am a fan of the High Five! 😀

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