It’s Friday, High Five!

AS6Photo via Planete-Deco

It’s been a rough week with technology working against me,  a downed server, camera problems, and mid-shipped orders have really been testing my patience. Why is it that things that are supposed to make life easier can sometimes make life more difficult? After lots of troubleshooting and deep breathing exercises  I have finally gotten my technology wrangled back to my side (high-five for that.) Now thanks to all this stress my emotions are fragile but it’s not anything a little chocolate won’t cure, hmmm where to get some chocolate? Oh wait, tomorrow night the kids will be  trick or treating and scoring the good stuff that will keep Mamma sane. High-five to raiding the Halloween candy! Stay safe out there with all the ghosts and goblins tomorrow night and stay away from computers, they are evil….(add evil laugh here.)

Here are a few more high fives for the week…

friday1. The Barcelona apartment above has all of its original charm from the scuffed paint to the original plaster, this beauty is only getting better with age!

2. This week I ran across the New York Times collection of video House Tours. This collection has tours of homes from everyone from fashion designers and architects to Hollywood directors. The homes are all style and from all over the world but in watching each video you see the love people have for their homes and collections.

3. The completely customizable Turner collection by Jonathan Adler, it comes in four lacquer colors—white, black, orange and navy—and two metal finishes. So lovely!

4. Just because tomorrow is Halloween doesn’t mean this cute little milk glass pumpkin wouldn’t be stylish all year round. Check out this tutorial by Kelly at Spray Paint and Chardonnay.

5. And these glossy black stairs via Architectural Digest Espana are definitely stealing the show!

Happy Halloween and have a great weekend,


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