Kate Spade Home Furnishing

ks-stores-homePhoto via Kate Spade

It has been a while since I heard the rumor but now it’s a fact, Kate Spade Home Furnishings are finally here. Just last week a whole line of her fun, colorful, perfectly styled home pieces were finally made available to the public. I could shop for days, if only my wallet were as endless. If you know Kate Spade Fashions and Handbags you will immediately see that her home line is true to the vision that we have always known her for, bright colors, black and white contrast, and those lovely pops of gold that make it all feel glamorous.

After the release I did a little dreaming over at the website and made a little wish list of my own…

Katr Spade


Check out a few styled shots from the website and see how well it all works together, yummy!

Kate-Spade-Home-Decor-Living-Party-CredenzaPhoto via Kate Spade

Kate-Spade-Home-Decor-Office-Desk-LampPhoto via Kate Spade

Kate-Spade-Home-Decor-Living-SofaPhoto via Kate Spade


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