One Room Challenge – Week Three, The Sewing Room


It’s Thursday, do ou know what that means?

Time for an update on my Studio/Sewing room for the One Room Challenge. If you have not stopped by in the last few weeks let me explain. Twice a year Linda of Calling it Home challenges bloggers to makeover one room in six weeks, hence the name One Room Challenge. I have chosen to work on what will be my sewing room/guest room for this event so each week I will be linking up and sharing the progress of the transformation. This week is week three, OMG we are half way there!

Remember there are twenty selected contestants that post on Wednesday along with all of us linking participants on Thursday so be sure to check out all the amazing progress.

One Room Challenge Fall 2015 Participants cih

So what have I been up to this week? Art, hanging lots and lots of art.


Fortunately I am a hoarder collector and have acquired lots of pieces here and there. For my studio/sewing room I wanted to include some pieces that inspire me or pertain to sewing in someway.


I collect pieces of needlework, framed fabrics and colorful West German pottery that I am including on the far wall.


I added to those fashion illustrations and objects I love.


Have a closer look at these thrift store needle-works that now add inspiration to my work space.

I even found a way to use my fabric samples as part of the art but I won’t give too much away until the final reveal so stay tuned.


A little preview of what’s to come next week, I snagged this great daisy chandelier this week for only $89 at a local antique shop. I think lighting is up next…


See all the progress: Week 1, Week 2



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