It’s Friday, High Five!

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I’m running late this Friday mostly because I have been busy packing for a five-day trip to Washington D.C. Oh how exciting! Well before you get too jealous let me add that I am going with about fifty fifth graders for a non stop tour of just about every monument, museum and landmark in the D.C. area. I won’t say I’m dreading it but I am not expecting it to be much of a vacation. I will however get a break from laundry, dishes, and carpool so for that little break I will definitely say high-five. As for the rest of the week, wish me luck…

Here are a few more high fives for the week…



1. The renovation of this Chicago bank built in 1923 is anything but typical.  The building which now serves as the Stony Island Arts Bank has been preserved rather than restored with the patina that the building has acquired over time still in tact. Check out the rest of the tour to see some of the most amazing spaces I’ve seen in a while.

2. This interview with Francine Christophe shows just how much the little things we do for each other can mean. The smallest gesture of kindness sometimes make the biggest impact.

3. I ran across this amazing seashell bust on Pinterest (sorry no source) and thought man I need to make me one of those or maybe just buy one on Etsy, either way it would be pretty smashing to have this guy to hang out with.

4. Spent some time at World Market this week and I ran across these lovely stemless wine and champagne glasses with just the right amount of gold.

5. This little leopard chair seen on Traditional Home is a perfect example of how great a modern fabric looks on vintage furniture and  it doesn’t hurt that it’s an animal print.

Have a great weekend,




  1. Have fun in DC! I got to go this past April for the Cherry Blossom Festival. Amazing!
    Also amazing, that library!

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