One Room Challenge – Week Two, The Sewing Room


Who’s ready for week two of the One Room Challenge? I am! I think…

If you were not here last week let me explain. Twice a year Linda of Calling it Home challenges bloggers to makeover one room in six weeks, hence the name One Room Challenge. I have chosen to work on what will be my sewing room/guest room for this event so each week I will be linking up and sharing the progress of the transformation. For those of you who are new to my blog, I also should let you know we are in a rental so during this ORC I will be limited to cosmetic changes.

Let’s remember the before?

interior 2

Last week I shared before photos of the space and some of my inspirations so this week I wanted to share the plan. Because this is a creative space I’m pretty much free to do whatever I want and what I want is a colorful fun space where I can be inspired. If you remember my sewing room from our house in Germany you’ll know most of the furniture that will be coming in so I’m not spending a lot of money in that area.

What will be new are the paint, fabrics, and accessories. I’m planning a simple white background layered with colorful fabrics and a collection of art that is mostly sewing inspired. I have collected a lot needlework over the years that I would be perfect for this room. I will also be bringing in my large Field of Flowers rug by Dash and Albert which will add some flare to the beige carpet. I just dropped it off for cleaning yesterday so hopefully it will be finished for the final reveal.

Have a look at the mood board I’ve been working on.



The fabrics I’m leaning toward are by Anna Maria Horner from the Lou Lou Thi Collection.

23ea72d65f390e59de908111064a4d8bPhoto via Anna Maria Horner

So now that you know the plan, what’s going on one week into the project?

For starters I got rid the yucky brown paint. I uses a warm white from Valspar, called Swiss Coffee and the room is looking better all ready.


I have also gotten all the furniture in place in what I think is the best arrangement, although I’m still not sure about the cutting table. It may work better in front of the shelves but it weighs about a thousand pounds so I’m going to live with it where it is for a little while and see how it feels before moving it again.


Since the room will also double as a guest room we moved in our FRIHETEN sofa with its lovely orange Comfort Works slipcover. This sofa pulls out into a queen size bed so I also want to make this space comfortable for the times when it has to serve as a guest room.


Next week I’m hoping to get some art on the walls and hopefully make some final decisions on the fabrics for pillows and curtains. Lots of work still to come but I’m excited to get this room done.

If you want check out the progress from the start you can find each week here: Week One




  1. Ah, good to see another sewing room in the ORC! I sew for a living, and call my space my studio, because it also works as my office, my shipping area, etc. You and I have similar sloped wall challenges. I love tall bookcases, but there’s not enough wall height for that!

  2. Love love love! This is such a fun palette. The rug is absolutely fabulous–can’t wait to see it in the room. I think even a reluctant sewer like myself could be inspired to get stuff done in this space. 😀

  3. Love all the colors you’ve incorporated in your inspiration!

    • Thanks Stacey, I love color! Sometimes I feel like I might need to reel it in a little bit but for this space I’m gonna go all out.

  4. jessica says:

    This will be the swankiest sewing room i have ever seen! love the curtains, lighting, and art! I cannot wait to see how this comes together.

  5. Love the colors that you are going for in this room! I am about to get my cover from Comfort Works:-) The cutting table- I agree. I can’t wait to see what you create in this room!

  6. Carla says:

    You might consider putting your cutting table on lockable wheels for ease of moving.

    • That’s a great idea, I’ll have to see if that effects the height too much. It is already counter height so I might have to cut the legs down if I add wheels but that wouldn’t be too hard.

  7. Very bright and colorful! I love this space for a sewing room!

  8. The white walls are a huge improvement! I love your mood board and can’t wait to see it come to life. Lots of fun patterns and colors!

  9. Rebecca Tomsyck says:


    I love the ideas and cannot wait to see the sewing room completed. Your son’s room looks like it is going to be simply terrific; I am on pins and needles waiting for the preview of your daughter’s room.

    As an aside, retirement has been approved and I go to get orders cut on Tuesday. We are looking at being home before Christmas.

    Take care,

    • Exciting news, let me know when your back in the States. We are headed to the Metrolina Antique show in Nov. I’ll let you know how it goes…

  10. Maggie, I may be crazy, but I think the comments box is missing for your Week 3 post!

    • Thanks for the FYI Britt, I have had some technical difficulties and my site was down for a bit maybe the problems are related. I will see if I can figure out what’s going on and hopefully get things to normal soon.

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