One Room Challenge – Week One, The Sewing Room

Welcome to Week One of my One Room Challenge! Twice a year Linda of Calling it Home challenges bloggers to makeover one room in six weeks. This is my fist time participating in the ORC but with a new house full of challenges I figured now was the perfect time to join in the fun. The big decision was which room to choose? With a house full of half decorated rooms the decision was difficult but in the end I decided that my bonus room above the garage was the winner. This room will serve as my work room and double as a guest room with a pull out sofa. Originally I thought this would be the last room I’d work on but since I have overnight guests coming in November and lots of  sewing work that needs to get done for the rest of the house this room is suddenly a priority.ORC

This is the room we are working with, a decent size with nice built in shelving and a really ugly coat of paint.

interior 2

Here it is from the opposite angle after I moved all my junk in.


This is the bonus room over the garage so the stair way up could use some love too.


Oh and did I forget to tell you the lighting is awful!


So what are my dreams for this room? Well first the ugly paint has to go! I’d like to go light and bright. Since this is my creative space I’d like to layer in lots of fun color with inspiring fabrics and accessories.  A cluttered organization of inspiring objects and all my supplies is okay but I’ like it to look intentional not like the big pile of mess I have going on right now.

Here are a few spaces that have the look I’m going for…

42143ae3b433b57376e8b4a438d36357Photo via LittleBigBell

krea_110913-1Photo via Fjeldborg

aad407383f95183ddd042c54ae77489cPhoto via I Always Pick the Thimble

cf922e8b79f2cec9dce11de5cccd107dPhoto via Brit+Co.

Camille-Styles-Office5Photo via Camille Styles

You get the idea? Bright and airy, lots of art and inspiration, colorful storage, good work space, oh yeah and a place for guest to sleep.

I have my work cut out for me so I better get painting if I want this room pulled together in six weeks…



  1. Glad you decided to go for it, Maggie! The sewing room is a good choice, and I already love the couch. I can’t totally understand what you don’t like about the lighting, though…don’t you enjoy feeling like you’ve been spotlighted by a police helicopter every time you flip the switch? Pretty inspo pics–love the direction you’re headed!

  2. oh my goodness! Amazing inspiration photos – I want all those sewing/craft spaces also!!!

  3. christinedovey says:

    Really like your colourful inspiration images. Good luck!

  4. It is going to look so much better after some paint!

  5. YAY, let’s here it for the sewing room refresh!!!
    I own a boutique embroidery & blanket business and desperately want to revamp my workspace. Looking forward to seeing your room progress 🙂

  6. I like your design direction & look forward to following along! Hollie

  7. This looks so fun! Just the idea of having a whole space for sewing and creativity is exciting, and then you added those super fun inspiration pictures…incredible! I can’t wait to see what you do.

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