Found it at the Market – September 2015

It has been a few months since my last Found it at the Market post, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been doing any shopping. All through my summer in New Orleans and my travels to and around our new home in South Carolina I have been on the hunt for great vintage finds. This post has a few from out last weeks in Germany as well so consider this a global market post.

Market September edit1. Marble top brass plant stand (10€) $11.20, great for any corner or even as a small side table.

2. Pair of California Originals peacocks $25, I took a trip to Washington D.C. over the summer and ran across these guys at an antique fair. I was only going to buy one but when the vendor offered me a deal on the pair how could a say no?

3. Clam shell with pearls (6€) $6.75, found this in a local antique shop near out house in Germany. I always though the pearls grew in the shell not on the shell.

4. Framed lithograph (3€) $3.35, one of the final German lithographs for the collection.

5. Pink and gold mid-century lamp $10, found this perfect pink lamp down at Myrtle Beach now she has a home in my living room.

6. Framed lithograph in color (8€) $9. always love the delicate pen and ink quality of a lithograph but the color versions are my favorite.

7. Porcelain Lamb (8€) $9, this little guy was so sweet I just couldn’t pass him up.


What I didn’t buy: This artful flower and fruit basket I ran across at the thrift store, that’s right my friend that is 3D!


Because who would buy 2 dimensional fruit basket art when you could get one in 3D?


I went back to the thrift store to show this marvel to my husband but some lucky soul had already snatched it up. Something for everyone…

Happy Hunting,



  1. Brynne@The Gathered Home says:

    I love those stunning finds! And that 3D basket art is truly the stuff dreams are made of… So sad that you went back for it and it was already gone… #thriftersremorse 😉

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