It’s Friday, High Five!

Rue-20thSt-77Photo via Rue Daily

With all the painting that needs to be done at the new house it is hard to get much else done. This week I have taken a break from painting and have committed myself to getting some things on the wall. For the past month I have had a giant pile of art and objects that have yet to find a proper home covering my living room floor (and tables and chairs). Now that some of the painting is complete I am motivated to get this space cleared so at least the common areas of the house are livable. With the “man cave” complete I’m moving on to the living room, and high-five I can finally see the floor. all this work is finally starting to pay off. Whoo-Hooh! Tomorrow as a reward f we are headed to the beach for a little fun in the sun before the cool weather sets in. I’m hoping a day away from the mess house will have me ready to tackle the rest of the painting next week. Maybe…

Here are a few more high-fives I ran across this week…


1. The sunny San Fransisco home of designer Lauren Nelson, the perfect balance of light and color.

2. This year-long exchange between a street artist and city worker on a red wall in London, gotta appreciate a good sense of humor.

3. MO Bordeaux and the collaboration that has created tapestry fashion that has the look of a paint by number, you know I love a paint by number!

4. The German Crew street artists who collaborated with Mexican government to bring a vibrant splash of color to the district of Palmitas in Pachuca, Mexico.

5. This Richloom Solarium Balmoral Opal fabric which will find a place in my home somewhere, maybe the kitchen curtains…

Now I must find my sunscreen because I’m headed to the beach!
Have a great weekend!


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