The New Man Cave


After a month in the new house I have finally manage to get one room totally livable. I don’t say finished because one, I’m never “finished” and two, there are a few more things to be done. This room was completed first mostly because it needed the least amount of paint and all the art and accessories are my husband’s collection. In other words I knew they would go in this room and nowhere else, no decisions required.

The room started with navy blue paint below the chair rail and a nice warm grey above. I chose to keep the grey and painted only the area below the chair rail the same color as the trim. Please disregard the fancy boob light, that is on the not “finished” list.


Since the room is long and narrow with lots of openings the most logical place for the sofa was the far wall so that end of the room became the seating/TV area. This go round I am using the sofa from our old living room and my mid-century made over chairs.


I also moved the emerald-green cabinet into the new “man cave” to serve as the media cabinet since it does not take up as much space.


The opposite end of the room will be used as an office area with a desk and storage. At some point I’ll add doors to the opening at this end so we can close off the “cave” when needed.


My vintage desk and chair that were revamped for the old “man cave” are at home in the new house too.


And all my husband’s German flea market finds are on display as well.


I scored a mid-century lamp from a thrift store here in the States but ironically it was wired with a European 220v plug. This is an easy fix by simply changing out the plug and using a 110v light bulb.


I may have also added one or two pieces of West German pottery from my collection to the room as well.


In the short-term I’d still like to add some curtains and a rug for the desk area but for now I am just glad to have one room cleared of boxes with everything in its place.

Things are finally coming together, slowly…


  1. I can’t believe how quickly and flawlessly you’ve put this space together! I love the multiple gallery walls and the different areas you created in the room. Can I also say that this is possibly the chicest man cave I’ve ever seen (while still being very manly, of course)? I really love it all!

  2. this looks wonderful!
    You sure can get a room ready quickly. What a difference the white made in that room – it looks so much larger.

  3. It looks great!!! I love how you have everything arranged, from furniture to nick-nacks… Nice collections!

  4. Debbie says:

    I am very, very impressed, and I don’t say that often. This is a great room and I can see the thought that went in to every inch. Congratulations. Am looking forward to all the other room reveals.

    PS: Do you use nails to hang things on your gallery walls or those 3M tape hooks? How long did the positioning of all the antlers take? I’d think days, but know that can’t be true!

    • Hey Debbie, Everything is hung with nails but most all the art is vintage German and has tiny visible hook exposed at the top of the frame/antler. That means no measuring for hook position on the back of the frame. If you don’t mind seeing the hook it’s actually a much easier way to hang a gallery wall. Position, mark for nail, and hang!

  5. Maggie it looks great. What a lucky guy you have:) When I look at that room I can’t believe that you’ve been there for a month only. Love the frames above the desk and the super cool atelier wall collection!

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