It’s Friday, High Five!

Mid century listing

Another Friday, another busy week. Feels like I should have accomplished more this week but the house is still a bit upside down. I got the hallway and a bathroom painted this week only three rooms left to paint, high-five. The “Man Cave” is also pretty much complete. I will give a big high-five to having one room of the house that can accessed without climbing over big piles of stuff. (I’ll share my one clean room on Monday.) I will admit it has been hard to blog with all the little things that need to get done to the house before it is actually photo worthy.  If only I could blog all the ideas I have in my head without having to complete them, I would have a years worth of blogging ready to go. I am hopeful that one day they may actually get done but until then I am taking it one small project at a time, high-five to that.

Here are a few more high-fives for the week…


  1. The picture above is from the Dallas, TX property listing of the home of Architect John Barthel. The entire house is like a mid-century museum. When can I move in?
  2. This half a house might become whole again but I kind of like the odd look of a half house.
  3. I want to add some interest to my built-ins but I can’t decide, paint or paper? BHG Centsational Style has some ideas.
  4.  One pink typewriter please! Too bad this one from Retroburgh is a little out of my price range…
  5. These hand embroidered notebooks  by Etsy seller Fabulous Cat Papers  featuring vintage science illustrations merged with hand-embroidery.

Heading to scrub the paint out of my hair…
Have a great weekend,


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