Bright Bar Stools in the Kitchen

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Do you ever have a million things to do but instead get distracted by one little thing that is not even a priority? After painting the kitchen new light and bright colors I have pondered adding colorful accessories and one of those is a set of colorful stools. My dining set and china cabinet are mid-century with a teak finish so I didn’t want to add anymore wood tones. I was thinking metal or a bright color and many of the ones I have run across incorporate both. I really enjoy how the stools in these kitchens make a bold color statement against a mostly white background.

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The problem is deciding what color to go with. Although I love the reds and oranges I think they may clash with the teak furniture.

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The blues and greens would play well off the pale Italian Ice on the walls and add contrast against the teak.

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And the yellow, who doesn’t love a pop of yellow…

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Here are a few great stools I found that offer the punch I’m looking for.

Bright Bar Stools



Now if only I could make a decision on which stool in which color.

I guess if I can’t decide what color I could just buy one of each…

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  1. The yellow Target stools!

    • I do love those and they have them everywhere, I have actually noticed some popping up at TJ Maxx. I need the counter height though and they are a little harder to find.

  2. Iris says:

    Lovely! All that color, just great looking kitchens.

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